2018 Results

2018 was the year I took the plunge into daygame. Lots of action-taking, plenty of hardships, and even a sprinkling of sexcesses. Here are the numbers.

Headline figures

Approaches: 803

New notches: 15*

My 2018, graphed

The red marker shows the date of the lay. A few of the approaches were weeks, and in one case months, before the marker.

I will now shamelessly copy Mr White’s recent results post, where he listed his “lucky ladies”. Mine are as follows.

Rundown of the girls:

  1. May 11: 20yo Spanish student lawyer on holiday in London. SDDL. Blog post here
  2. July 21: 22yo Macedonian waitress and party girl. Day 2: Tweets here
  3. Aug 16: 22yo affectionate Brazilian, studying English in London. Day 2. Tweets here
  4. Sept 11: 18yo introverted Italian/Turkish girl. SDDL. Tweets here
  5. Sept 20: 26yo Colombian salsa dancer. Day 2. Tweets here
  6. Sept 28: 21yo Spanish law student and contemporary dancer. Day 3. Tweets here
  7. Oct 5: 18yo Aussie party girl. Toilet lay. SNL/gutter game [1]. Tweets here
  8. Oct 6: 21yo Swedish au pair. Day 2. Tweets here
  9. Oct 25: 22yo Scottish recent graduate. SDL/SNL. Tweets here
  10. Nov 4: 29yo Filipina photographer. Day 2. Tweets here
  11. Nov 9: 27yo Spanish events coordinator. Day 2. Tweets here
  12. Nov 24: 20yo sassy American cheerleader. Day 2. Tweets here
  13. Dec 9: 27yo Irish pharmacology graduate SDL/SNL [2]. Blog post here
  14. Dec 20: 19yo South African au pair [3] Day 3. Blog post here
  15. Dec 21: 24yo arty Italian. Day 2. Blog post here

It seems to have been a year of two halves:

First struggle and frustration…
A tough couple of months where nothing was sticking
…and, after much perseverance, the fabled abundance.
This sexy Swede was objectively the hottest girl I banged in 2018

So, overall, a decent start

I came from a background of proven nightgame competence. However, it took a while for me to adjust to doing pretty much the same thing but during the day. I just hung in there while my vibe played catch-up. So I put in the hours, and in time began to feel more natural doing it. Regular results soon came. (A blog post describing my initial struggle-and breakthrough-with daygame is here)

I’m happy so far. Starting out with daygame, I had no huge expectations. My main goal was to become comfortable approaching attractive girls during the day [4], and hopefully get a bit of action in the process. That being said, I never really doubted that results would come if I just stuck at it. And they did. During 2018, I’ve met, dated and had sexy-time with some great girls. Towards the end of the year, my sex life had never been better.

The breakdown

  • SDLs/SNLs: 3
  • SDDLs: 2
  • Day 2s: 22 (including 8 lays)
  • Day 3s: 3 (including 2 lays)
  • Insta-dates: 14 (total, including some of the above lays)
  • Phone numbers: not sure. I focused too much on number-closing in the early days and it hurt my results. So I stopped caring. Also, I’m lazy and flaky over messaging anyway. I’m probably nowhere near 1-in-3.
  • Day 4s: 1
  • Day 5s: 1
  • Street make-outs: 2
  • Toilet lays: 1
  • Threesomes, foursomes, etc: Zero


  • Clubs visited: 1 (and this was on a double-date with another daygamer)
  • % of days that I approached: 53% (since starting)
  • Wings I’ve winged with: 7 (including three main wings: Mr S, Maximus and Am-Star, plus a handful of approaches with other cool dudes)
  • Outraged feminists: 1
  • Tears (my own): Zero
  • Times I lost my emotional control during a session: 1
  • Longest no-fap stretch: 95 days
  • Most abundant period: sex with 5 different girls in 8 days
  • Out of the lays, girls I didn’t kiss until at sex location: ~5 out of 15
  • Most booze drunk on a single date: 3-4 drinks
  • Repeat lays/ girls seen for a second time: 10 out of 15 (this would have been a lot lower in years past, when I was more of a hit-and-run guy)
  • Blog posts: 8
  • Tweets: ~280

As always, thanks for reading. It was a fun year. Now time to get some approaches done in 2019!


*Including: one girl who technically approached me, and some evening approaches. Excluding: any obviously non-daygame/street approach lays this year.

[1] This was probably more like a gutter game lay, and in fact, she technically opened me.

[2] Since I met some of these girls after dusk, I’ve written “SDL/SNL” here. There was also more of a nighttime vibe.

[3] Just tapped that ass again last night. Phenomenal booty, and waist-to-hips ratio.

[4] I can’t help but feel that this will forever be a work-in-progress. I know I’m still working on it, as we probably all are…

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The Beginning, Part I: Daygame Avoidance

I’m obsessed. And have been for some time. By girls. By the sexual marketplace. By what girls respond to. By the guys who get the girls (no homo). By becoming more attractive in a girl’s eyes. By leading a girl to my loins. By it all.

I used to be pretty average with girls: kissing the odd girl in the playground at school. Losing my virginity at 17. Two LTRs: one in my uni years and one when I was 24. The occasional hook-up when on a boozy night out. But never getting with the hottest girls in the group. I was the leaf in the wind, and didn’t consider that I had much of a say in the girl department.

Then in 2011, at the I-should-know-better age of 26, and with a laycount of 10, I stumbled across The Game (I just checked my Amazon orders history to confirm the year – shit, time flies!). From there, I moved on to absorbing Heartiste and Krauser blogs religiously, learning the theory. When on boozy nights out with uni and college mates, I’d approach girls, and even convert a 6 or a 7 every now and then.

I still haven’t read The Power of Eye Contact

Throughout 2013 and 2014 I began to ramp up the approaches in clubs at weekends, albeit while still drinking. I began to see less of my non-game mates, and more of my PUA/game mates. I was binge-watching RSD vids (and anything else game-related), attending RSD HotSeats, FreeTours, and meeting other PUAs. Before I knew it, I was up to 50 notches without really breaking a sweat. But I still wasn’t having it away with the hotties–not by any stretch of the imagination.

Then came the game-changer (heh). Mid-2015 I moved into a two-bedroom flat in Zone 1 of London with a guy I’d met from the RSD Inner Circle London Facebook group–let’s call him Mr A. When I met Mr A, I was taken aback my his intensity. This was one serious-about-self-improvement Mofo. He was Tim Ferriss on heat. And he also liked to approach a lot of girls. Sober. Not only in the clubs either, but also… DURING THE DAY.

Anyway, to keep it brief for now [1], living with Mr A really made me step up my nightgame. My excuses and rationalisations had to take a back seat and–during the nighttime at least–I fully committed. I went from incidentally approaching five girls a night (booze-assisted), to proactively approaching about 20 while sober. It was a great year, and the nine lays from Vegas, Helsinki, and Stockholm trips took me to over 20 lays for the year that we were living together. Still no approaches in the daylight though.

Ok, I admit it. I miss nightgame.

As 2017 came to a close, I realised I had been consistently getting 15-20 new lays per year [2] through hitting the clubs at weekends. I’d even broken the century barrier. But something didn’t feel right… I still hadn’t scored a proper daygame lay.

So roll on Spring 2018, and I decided to commit. I burned the boats. No more clubs. Tinder wasn’t allowed either. I made a vow that I would either meet and seduce girls during the day, or have no sex life at all. To make matters worse, I was at ground zero, coming off the back of a 15-month unemployed stint (albeit voluntary). I had no solid roots and I was living in a box room in a run-down council estate in East London. I was feeling introverted and anti-social as hell, but it was time to face my daygame demons.

So, welcome to my blog. Here I’ll be recounting salacious stories from my first eight months of daygame, musing on related game topics, and keeping you a-breast (heh) of my current indiscretions and scandals.


[1] In the future, I plan to do a deep-dive of just how influential Mr A was for me.

[2] Not all of them were 10s 😉

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