Anthony Hustle’s Inner Game Advice to Nick Krauser

Read the email below in a thick German accent

In A Deplorable Cad, Nick candidly shares early stories of winging with Tom Torero, and a German friend of Tom’s: “Antony“. Antony would later go on to become “Anthony Hustle”. Below is an email that Nick received from Antony in March 2011, when they were diagnosing each other’s sticking points:

“Hey Nick,

After having watched you and spoken (to) you for a few times, I will give my honest and straight forward feedback in bullet point […]

1) I don’t think that more theory will help you. Your theoretical knowledge is very deep and strong. I think theory destroys your vibe at times. There are too many exogenous factors that you can’t take into account (husband, got raped, just broke up that day); many times you will end with wrong conclusions. The trick is to be happy (later more). Theory only gets in your head and that’s the last thing you want because it destroys your vibe. I tended to be like that three months ago (it is my nature as an academic) and when I simply let go of the desire to find the perfect game model I got better again.

2) I can feel that there are still internal issues. I know that you are an honest and straight forward person and I know that you are not afraid of situations; I highly value this because I know that you would fight for me if the situation came up. I still feel that you are coming from a place of negativity (sometimes or in other respects) as if you have to prove something to yourself. Even if you don’t have to externally validate yourself , sometimes you may have to prove something to yourself. That is the wrong mindset and it comes from internal issues. I think the aim should be to be very positive, to be happy with yourself and to exude this energy. At the end, if you are happy with yourself, nothing and nobody can affect you. That’s very attractive.

3) This is related to 2). I think that you get hung up on the idea of being ‘alpha’. Alpha is just a label for something undefined. So the label alpha is firstly allusive and secondly another concept that people get obsessed with. If you can let go of the idea of becoming ‘alpha’ you will a) be more in the moment and b) actually become closer to the person you want to be. A desire to become a certain person (alpha) implies that you are missing a value that you want to obtain; ie you are not (yet) happy with who you are. People feel when you are not happy with yourself and it is not attractive.

Again, don’t get me wrong: you are very good. To master the above it probably takes time and it is very advanced but fundamental. I know you will sort all this out very soon because you won’t give up


That’s me being as honest as I can be!”

Wow. I feel like this sums up most underlying issues that intermediate daygamers have. I can definitely relate to these points, particularly 1) and 2). I see close wings struggling with 3) too: however, to me the whole alpha notion is stupid and misunderstood–anyone who has a decent amount of experience with women knows that success with women isn’t as straightforward as just “being alpha”.

Self-aggrandising and probably involves a fair amount of poetic license… but a highly entertaining read nonetheless!

Anyway, I really liked this extract from the book. Hope you do too.


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Playing Catch-Up with the Memoirs

I’d been so focused on daygame and getting paid that I hadn’t taken any time off for the nine months up to Christmas. I was beat. Outside of work, much of my free time had been taken up hitting the streets and learning daygame. And, at work, since I was now contracting and charging a day rate, I viewed it as money lost if I took any time off at all. So, after Christmas I planned to take a short holiday up to the New Year. I booked a flight to the Canary Islands to put work and game to the very back of my mind. Time to recharge.

The struggle is real in this one. Great write-up from Bodi.

Except for the odd impromptu approach on the promenade, I was planning to forget all about game. I had loads of new books downloaded on my Kindle to pass my time. These covered all sorts of genres: the economy, some science fiction, some sleep science, and some vintage classics. But I’d packed a couple of daygame memoirs I’d ordered from Lulu, just in case.

Well, it’s now three days after I arrived and I fly back to London tomorrow. And since I’ve arrived I can say that I haven’t read a single page of any of the books on my Kindle. My reading time has been purely spent reading Bodi and Krauser memoirs. Oops. On the plus side, it’s been bloody great reading.

Because I hadn’t taken the traditional daygame path, I’d missed out on the daygame rite of passage: reading all the textbooks, instructionals, memoirs, etc. that our forefathers had laid (heh) down before us. Whilst most London daygamers had been swotting-up on Daygame Mastery, I’d been watching things like Valentine University, Julien Blanc’s Pimp, and YouTube videos of RSD Tyler and ranting at a seminar room full of North American RSD acolytes.

“So, what did you study at University?” Me: “Ermmm”

Anyway, it turns out I’d really been missing out, having not read these memoirs. They’ve been gripping reading so far! It’s been fascinating to learn more about the London daygame backstory, and to learn about who the various characters were. The ratpack stories have been engrossing.

If I weren’t staying at a beach resort which seems to be 100% comprised of families and septuagenarians, I would’ve taken this inspiration and used it as fuel to be pushing for SDLs in the sun. As has instead been the case, sets have been very scarce indeed. Pretty much the only two girls I’ve found worthy of approaching have been one 19-year old and one 20-year old who had each become momentarily separated from their families. One of whom ghosted me on WhatsApp, and the other I couldn’t break through the “I have a boyfriend” objection. So I’ve actually been itching to get back to London, where the sets are a-plenty!

Scandalous shenanigans lie within

Anyway, back to the books. If you’re even remotely into game, daygame, or even just reading salacious stories, I thoroughly recommend those books I’ve just finished: Bodi’s Death by a Thousand Sluts, Part I, and also part I and part II of the Nick Krauser memoir series.

Addictive reading at its best.


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The Beginning, Part I: Daygame Avoidance

I’m obsessed. And have been for some time. By girls. By the sexual marketplace. By what girls respond to. By the guys who get the girls (no homo). By becoming more attractive in a girl’s eyes. By leading a girl to my loins. By it all.

I used to be pretty average with girls: kissing the odd girl in the playground at school. Losing my virginity at 17. Two LTRs: one in my uni years and one when I was 24. The occasional hook-up when on a boozy night out. But never getting with the hottest girls in the group. I was the leaf in the wind, and didn’t consider that I had much of a say in the girl department.

Then in 2011, at the I-should-know-better age of 26, and with a laycount of 10, I stumbled across The Game (I just checked my Amazon orders history to confirm the year – shit, time flies!). From there, I moved on to absorbing Heartiste and Krauser blogs religiously, learning the theory. When on boozy nights out with uni and college mates, I’d approach girls, and even convert a 6 or a 7 every now and then.

I still haven’t read The Power of Eye Contact

Throughout 2013 and 2014 I began to ramp up the approaches in clubs at weekends, albeit while still drinking. I began to see less of my non-game mates, and more of my PUA/game mates. I was binge-watching RSD vids (and anything else game-related), attending RSD HotSeats, FreeTours, and meeting other PUAs. Before I knew it, I was up to 50 notches without really breaking a sweat. But I still wasn’t having it away with the hotties–not by any stretch of the imagination.

Then came the game-changer (heh). Mid-2015 I moved into a two-bedroom flat in Zone 1 of London with a guy I’d met from the RSD Inner Circle London Facebook group–let’s call him Mr A. When I met Mr A, I was taken aback my his intensity. This was one serious-about-self-improvement Mofo. He was Tim Ferriss on heat. And he also liked to approach a lot of girls. Sober. Not only in the clubs either, but also… DURING THE DAY.

Anyway, to keep it brief for now [1], living with Mr A really made me step up my nightgame. My excuses and rationalisations had to take a back seat and–during the nighttime at least–I fully committed. I went from incidentally approaching five girls a night (booze-assisted), to proactively approaching about 20 while sober. It was a great year, and the nine lays from Vegas, Helsinki, and Stockholm trips took me to over 20 lays for the year that we were living together. Still no approaches in the daylight though.

Ok, I admit it. I miss nightgame.

As 2017 came to a close, I realised I had been consistently getting 15-20 new lays per year [2] through hitting the clubs at weekends. I’d even broken the century barrier. But something didn’t feel right… I still hadn’t scored a proper daygame lay.

So roll on Spring 2018, and I decided to commit. I burned the boats. No more clubs. Tinder wasn’t allowed either. I made a vow that I would either meet and seduce girls during the day, or have no sex life at all. To make matters worse, I was at ground zero, coming off the back of a 15-month unemployed stint (albeit voluntary). I had no solid roots and I was living in a box room in a run-down council estate in East London. I was feeling introverted and anti-social as hell, but it was time to face my daygame demons.

So, welcome to my blog. Here I’ll be recounting salacious stories from my first eight months of daygame, musing on related game topics, and keeping you a-breast (heh) of my current indiscretions and scandals.


[1] In the future, I plan to do a deep-dive of just how influential Mr A was for me.

[2] Not all of them were 10s 😉

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