New Year, Same Mistakes

I haven’t been gaming much this year, but when I have, it’s been fun. Work has been v busy and daygame has provided a welcome distraction. At the weekend, I’ve been carefree and enjoying going out with my wing to chat to girls. I’ve been experiencing little approach anxiety. However this has led to perhaps a few more mistakes being made both in-set and with leads. Most of these mistakes I’ve seen before.

Actually, I’d award myself a B based on early January efforts.

Not being physical in set

Even an arm tap, or an accoutrement-grab would do. Better still, moving the girl a foot or so “out of the way of the crowd”, starting to make progress up the compliance ladder. My wing “David” pointed this out the other day, when I was talking to an interested girl DIRECTLY IN A SHOP ENTRANCE in Liverpool Street station. C’mon Jamie, what better excuse!! Just move her aside. So simple! Think!!

Creepy-sounding, but effective.

Not being sexual enough in set

I’ve been neglecting this via the subcomms, and more directly via the verbals. Either way, I haven’t been adopting the mindset of a guy going out to get laid. I’m too busy being social and enjoying the regular banter. In a non-hectic nightgame environment (e.g. a lounge bar), where both you and the girl are both there for the next 30+ mins, you can afford to take your foot off the gas and let time do a lot of your work. But in a short set during the day, you need to convey everything in those short few minutes! Man up and let her know you want her, Jamie!!

Being a motormouth when things are going well

I’m actually pretty good at waffling on when I’m in a social mood. Sometimes too good. Especially when she’s hooked, I’ll often chat along, leaving her far behind. I did it the other day with a Romanian girl who didn’t even speak much English. Duuurrrrrrr!! Associated: speaking off-topic and too quickly.

Not future projecting the date

I had some success last year with future-planning when I was number-closing girls. It would also serve to ground the interaction. So why the f*&k am I not doing it this year?!!

And the biggest mistake of all…


This one should be criminal. FFS Jamie! Do you want to bang these girls or not!!

Sometimes I’ll tell myself to message the girl in the morning before work. Due to prolonged snoozing, I won’t find enough time: I’ll finally drag myself out of bed to shower, then dry off, get changed, and be out the door just like that. “But it’s ok” I’ll tell myself: I’ll just send a message at the office mid-morning when I get a break. That break invariably doesn’t come. At lunch I’ll nip out the office and grab some lunch in the city. However, I’ll be strolling around daydreaming and enjoying my brief freedom, without a worry in the world. I’ll even possibly get sidetracked by a YouTube charisma breakdown video or similar. Back at the office and I’ll suddenly remember: I was supposed to message Swedish Suzy, bah! Work in the afternoon is relentless and I’ll stay late to get some numbers finished. Before I know it, it’s 7.30pm and I’m stressed and beaten down from a long day at work. Leaving the office I finally fire off a quick reply, then regret it, immediately thinking of a better alternative reply. Fuck! Needless to say, the ensuing silence confirms she’s lost interest. And I’m back in Ghostville. Waaahhhh.

Anyway, mistakes aside, I’ve been doing lots of things well. And most important, I’ve been enjoying daygame. Over time, if I put in the time and am enjoying talking to new girls, the results will come.

Thanks for reading.


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