Lay Report: Saturday SDL

The red lips were maybe even brighter than these.

So far this year I’ve been having a love/hate relationship with game. Not at all wanting to go out and do daygame beforehand, but then–once in a set–totally absorbed and feeling right back at home. On Saturday it was more a case of loving daygame, as I enjoyed a full seven-hour set…

At around 2pm on Saturday I met up my wing “David” outside King’s Cross tube station to do a session. We started wandering through the station towards the canal and I watched David open the first couple of girls while I weaseled refused a few sets. After more dawdling about while I delayed my first open of the day, I clocked a girl wearing a red coat and red lipstick walking past. About five-feet-four, dark hair, and walking along leisurely. No IOI but she landed right on my radar. “Two secs” I said to David. “Is she with that couple? The girl in red. She looks really flirty and sexual“.

My question was soon answered as she peeled away from the couple: she was solo and not with them. I did an about-turn and caught up. “Excuse me, hey. You look really relaxed but in a badass way…[blah de blah]” It was a walk-with, side-on approach and she soon brought her unhurried pace to a halt.

I received a warm reception: wide-eyed and all smiles. She seemed to be responding quite emotionally, with nervous energy affecting her speech. Why can’t every open be like this! After I stacked some more I learned that Marta was a 22-year-old Mexican girl here in London for a few weeks to improve her English. To her credit her English was already excellent and I didn’t really have to dumb it down at all.

She told me that she’d never left her country before. And although she works as an air hostess back in Mexico, it’s a domestic airline so she only flies within her country. Back at home, she lives in Mexico City with family and had decided to travel here alone on a whim. She’d arrived in London last weekend and was staying with a family who host language students. Today she was out exploring London with no real plan. So far, so good I thought. Ding ding ding!

But then came something I definitely didn’t plan for. A few minutes into the set I felt a slow and controlled tap on my shoulder from behind. It felt familiar and knowing. “Who could this be?” I thought. Chances are that it’s my wing, I assumed, but that would have to mean it was something urgent. I pivoted around and instead came face-to-face with two ex-colleagues, who also happen to be good mates. I’ve even been on lads weekends away with them, picking up girls in Eastern European bars together while I’ve used some under-the-radar game.

Unknowns and unplanneds can be a fun challenge. I miss that side of nightgame.

I did some vague introductions and tried to involve everyone in some light conversation. Fortunately it all ended up being normal and smooth. This was probably because (1) Marta has already hooked, and (2) my mates were savvy enough to have suspected it was the early stages of some romantic interaction. So I got some always-welcome social proof from my mates, before they realised that they’d do well to leave us one-on-one. Good “winging” from them, thanks guys!

After this I strolled with Marta inside and through the station, where I showed her Platform nine-and-three-quarters. Because she was reacting so positively and because I live only one tube station away, I was already planning our adventure with the end in mind. I told her I’d take her for a drink and from the station I walked her in the general direction of my place–not intending for the insta-pull, but attempting to set things up nicely. At one lull in the conversation she asked “So where is this pub?” At this point, I casually took her to the nearest one: the Big Chill pub. Had she not asked where we were going, I would have walked her to a closer pub to mine.

At the bar, I ordered two G&Ts and we sat next to each other on a sofa [1]. She was sitting very erect (heh) and “proper”. This made sense when I found out she was from a good family and knowing that it’s part of her job with the airline to look good. Nothing too special from me at this point: mainly more comfort, gaining some minor compliance, and the beginning of some light kino. At this stage she hadn’t really tested me at all: good girl! Soon before we leave the pub, I noticed she was beginning to relax her posture too–probably a good sign at this stage.

After the pub my plan was to experiment with a classic Anthony Hustle bike ride, taking her on a scenic route to a pub in Angel. However, this plan was scuppered when the Santander bike machine took my money before then telling me it was out of service. “No problem!” I said, as I hopped us on a bus heading up Pentonville Road towards Angel. She was fine with the idea of the “small adventure”.

At Angel I took her to a different pub to where I would normally go–the Camden Head–purely to mix it up for me. Here the only stumbling block was getting a table. Once seated we had more deep conversation. I found more evidence she’s a lovely girl, but one who is conveniently also in touch with her sexual side. She opened up and jokingly let me know that she can be very emotional: sometimes unable to control or hide her overwhelming inner thoughts, and often crying during impactful movies and TV shows. I tell her that I will be dangerous for her.

Because it was still early and neither of us had anywhere else to be, I decided to slow-play and build some solid foundations before any bounce-home attempt. If played correctly, this was a set that should be straightforward and low risk. Plus, at the risk of sounding gay, unlike some dates I go on where the connection is mainly physical, I was actually quite enjoying her company and personality [2]. She was intelligent, giggling at all the right things, and rapport was natural. The subcommunications and underlying attraction were also strong from the word go. During conversation, I seeded my place a few times, as well as more ambiguous adventure. But before that I decided to take her to one more venue.

At the final pub on the way to mine, the conversation took a more sexual turn and for once I actually remembered to adopt the “we” frame. I was also getting more physical than on recent dates: she seemed happy with me stroking her leg and back [3]. And the conversation was getting more and more sexual. Things were heating up and a running joke was that we were dangerous for each other. I resisted the urge to jump the gun and lead straight home–it was still early, and I didn’t feel like I needed to risk anything. At one point, whether good game or not, I even thought to myself: “What would a normal, high-value guy who gets laid often do at this point on a date?” and then opted to get us another drink. It wasn’t late, we were actually still quite sober, plus we were in a pub after all. Soon after this she accepted the kiss and everything was looking good for the bounce-back.

When I did finally go for the bounce-back, I suddenly thought I might have fucked up. Up to this point, she’d seemed fine and happy with the tenuous and implied idea of going back to mine. But just as I made it explicit, at a high point in the interaction, she pulled out phone and fiddled away on the screen. I assumed she was messaging someone. Then she hit me with: “That’s it, you’ve lost me“. There was an air of finality to her words. I assumed this meant that she had to go and that I’d “lost” her presence. My heart skipped a beat and I tried to remain unreactive. Inside I was thinking: “Fuck, Jamie! You’ve delayed so long now that she’s made other plans. Idiot!” Then she showed me her phone with Google Maps on the screen. This didn’t calm my fears. But soon everything was fine again when she told me she was happy to come back to mine and had just been checking where in London she currently was–i.e. that she was geographically “lost”. She was checking for later on for when she would eventually have to return home. I let out a sigh of relief as I realised everything was still on track. She gathered her bag and scarf, we put on our coats, and headed for the door.

Back at mine, another minor hiccup: the Internet was down. Which meant I had no music. I briefly attempted to remedy the situation, but had no immediate success. Apparently it made no difference to her, and she seemed calmer than I was about the deafening silence hanging behind our words. Anyway, I slow-played the escalation in the bedroom (as seems to be the pattern for me at the moment). And, as also seems to be a recent pattern for me, I was using lines straight form my favourite taboo porn [4]–mainly because I enjoy the tease so much; I’m not sure how effective they actually are!

Turns out she was really good at the jumping dinosaur game.

Even at this point it wasn’t totally straightforward. It turned out she was on the last day of her period and throughout she seemed a bit shy about it. I tried to put her fears at rest and then slowly continued ramping things up. After about 20 minutes of measured, teasing foreplay, she pulled me inside of her and the notch was in the books. No sign of any period blood, the sex was great, and sure enough I was loving daygame again.

Thanks for reading.


[1] Note to self: try face-to-face in venue one next time, à la Thomas Crown.

[2] Ok, that definitely sounds gay.

[3] I’ve tried but I don’t think I can make this sound non-creepy.

[4] Step-bro/ step-sis porn. It’s probably a good thing I don’t have a step-sister, given how much I’m into this…

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  1. Nice one.
    I’ve found the same thing with Daygame this February (January was all winged so there was a good incentive to get ready and go). I think February is the month where we’re all “ramping up;” getting ourselves ready for the main Daygame season of March – June.

      1. Apparently it is good for daygame, it does reduce the friendly/social vibe and increases the sexual/lover vibe etc.. torero and matrix used to watch some porn before the start of daygame session, I have done it few times, yeah it does help with the right fashion and accessories etc

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