2018 Results

2018 was the year I took the plunge into daygame. Lots of action-taking, plenty of hardships, and even a sprinkling of sexcesses. Here are the numbers.

Headline figures

Approaches: 803

New notches: 15*

My 2018, graphed

The red marker shows the date of the lay. A few of the approaches were weeks, and in one case months, before the marker.

I will now shamelessly copy Mr White’s recent results post, where he listed his “lucky ladies”. Mine are as follows.

Rundown of the girls:

  1. May 11: 20yo Spanish student lawyer on holiday in London. SDDL. Blog post here
  2. July 21: 22yo Macedonian waitress and party girl. Day 2: Tweets here
  3. Aug 16: 22yo affectionate Brazilian, studying English in London. Day 2. Tweets here
  4. Sept 11: 18yo introverted Italian/Turkish girl. SDDL. Tweets here
  5. Sept 20: 26yo Colombian salsa dancer. Day 2. Tweets here
  6. Sept 28: 21yo Spanish law student and contemporary dancer. Day 3. Tweets here
  7. Oct 5: 18yo Aussie party girl. Toilet lay. SNL/gutter game [1]. Tweets here
  8. Oct 6: 21yo Swedish au pair. Day 2. Tweets here
  9. Oct 25: 22yo Scottish recent graduate. SDL/SNL. Tweets here
  10. Nov 4: 29yo Filipina photographer. Day 2. Tweets here
  11. Nov 9: 27yo Spanish events coordinator. Day 2. Tweets here
  12. Nov 24: 20yo sassy American cheerleader. Day 2. Tweets here
  13. Dec 9: 27yo Irish pharmacology graduate SDL/SNL [2]. Blog post here
  14. Dec 20: 19yo South African au pair [3] Day 3. Blog post here
  15. Dec 21: 24yo arty Italian. Day 2. Blog post here

It seems to have been a year of two halves:

First struggle and frustration…
A tough couple of months where nothing was sticking
…and, after much perseverance, the fabled abundance.
This sexy Swede was objectively the hottest girl I banged in 2018

So, overall, a decent start

I came from a background of proven nightgame competence. However, it took a while for me to adjust to doing pretty much the same thing but during the day. I just hung in there while my vibe played catch-up. So I put in the hours, and in time began to feel more natural doing it. Regular results soon came. (A blog post describing my initial struggle-and breakthrough-with daygame is here)

I’m happy so far. Starting out with daygame, I had no huge expectations. My main goal was to become comfortable approaching attractive girls during the day [4], and hopefully get a bit of action in the process. That being said, I never really doubted that results would come if I just stuck at it. And they did. During 2018, I’ve met, dated and had sexy-time with some great girls. Towards the end of the year, my sex life had never been better.

The breakdown

  • SDLs/SNLs: 3
  • SDDLs: 2
  • Day 2s: 22 (including 8 lays)
  • Day 3s: 3 (including 2 lays)
  • Insta-dates: 14 (total, including some of the above lays)
  • Phone numbers: not sure. I focused too much on number-closing in the early days and it hurt my results. So I stopped caring. Also, I’m lazy and flaky over messaging anyway. I’m probably nowhere near 1-in-3.
  • Day 4s: 1
  • Day 5s: 1
  • Street make-outs: 2
  • Toilet lays: 1
  • Threesomes, foursomes, etc: Zero


  • Clubs visited: 1 (and this was on a double-date with another daygamer)
  • % of days that I approached: 53% (since starting)
  • Wings I’ve winged with: 7 (including three main wings: Mr S, Maximus and Am-Star, plus a handful of approaches with other cool dudes)
  • Outraged feminists: 1
  • Tears (my own): Zero
  • Times I lost my emotional control during a session: 1
  • Longest no-fap stretch: 95 days
  • Most abundant period: sex with 5 different girls in 8 days
  • Out of the lays, girls I didn’t kiss until at sex location: ~5 out of 15
  • Most booze drunk on a single date: 3-4 drinks
  • Repeat lays/ girls seen for a second time: 10 out of 15 (this would have been a lot lower in years past, when I was more of a hit-and-run guy)
  • Blog posts: 8
  • Tweets: ~280

As always, thanks for reading. It was a fun year. Now time to get some approaches done in 2019!


*Including: one girl who technically approached me, and some evening approaches. Excluding: any obviously non-daygame/street approach lays this year.

[1] This was probably more like a gutter game lay, and in fact, she technically opened me.

[2] Since I met some of these girls after dusk, I’ve written “SDL/SNL” here. There was also more of a nighttime vibe.

[3] Just tapped that ass again last night. Phenomenal booty, and waist-to-hips ratio.

[4] I can’t help but feel that this will forever be a work-in-progress. I know I’m still working on it, as we probably all are…

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  1. Excellent year mate, especially as it was your first real year in Daygame.

    A lot more to come in 2019 I’m sure 😉

    [Jamie: Thanks Mr White. Yep, hopefully more YHT for us all in 2019!]

  2. Fantastic stats mate. Which lay were you most proud of? Write about it next.
    [Jamie: Thanks Dav. Nice idea 🙂 Probably the hottest one: the 21yo Swedish au pair, who was taller than me. Will have a go at putting down some thoughts on that one]

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