Lay Report: Fancy a Kickabout in the Park?

I’d be lying if I said she was this hot.

The Approach

  • I met Natalie in mid-January with Dav in Islington on Upper Street. The same day I met Spanish slow-play girl.
  • 5-feet-7, slim body, cute face
  • Irish, outwardly confident, and 23 years young
  • A very banterous conversation. I remember her being a very active verbal participant who was trying hard to be funny–a big green flag
  • She was on the way to work in a health food café. After 3 mins, I took the number and let her go so she wouldn’t miss her shift
  • However… I was slightly put off by a mole just to the left of her nose, which at the time appeared to be a dodgy colour. Possibly for this reason, I didn’t follow up. *Hangs head in shame*

Valentine’s Day: Message Out of the Blue

If only every girl messaged first
  • One month later, on Valentine’s Day itself, I received an SMS from an unknown number out of the blue
  • Huge IOI obv
  • I racked my brain to remember who she was, eventually roughly remembered
  • From then on: slow but consistent frequency of messaging, all positive
  • I gradually came around to the idea that a small mole can be overlooked for a girl this keen–plus if I approached her that means she must be attractive enough, mole-aside 😉

The Day 2

  • I got her to come to Angel tube one Monday night
  • Due to her time restrictions, she arrived at 9.30pm
  • Took her to standard bar/pub on the High Street
  • Immediately it became apparent she was an extravert who had lots of guy friends
  • It would be easy to read lots of false positives into such a girl rabbiting on, with lots of beta bait tests
  • She told me she has a skateboard and is a tomboy
  • But very socially savvy–I bet she often has to out-manoeuvres beta guys creeping on her
  • Apparently her sister is the introverted one with her head always in a book; whereas she’s the rough-and-tumble one. They’re polar opposites. At some points facing the barrage of words coming from her mouth, I wish I was with the sister 😉
  • Good promiscuity signs: She told me of a small tattoo on her back; she also drank wine fast and wasn’t afraid to order a round
  • I stayed alert enough in conversation to interject and frame control when needed. I challenged her a lot, otherwise could’ve easily been run over
  • However, given she was Little Miss Chatterbox, I didn’t have enough time to “work my magic”, or really let enough sexual tension build
  • I let her escape to get the last tube. This didn’t seem negotiable with tomorrow’s plans.
  • Status at this point was: (1) early kino checked off, (2) no kiss attempt, (3) vague pull intentions hinted at… (4) but no pull attempt executed
Like this but more body

Texting after Day 2–Do I Fancy a Kickabout?

  • Continued messaging most days after the Day 2
  • She suggested a “kickabout” in the park on Sunday morning before she headed to work. Wow, there’s a first. Tomboy confirmed
  • I laughed to myself and thought “actually, why not?“; it was different from the norm, it could be good practise for filler dates, plus it’s an excuse to get physical
  • Unfortunately on the Sunday morning she flaked–she said she was hungover. No football date after all, waaahh
  • Instead we set up a proper Day 3 the following Friday
“Fancy a kick about?” Ermmm…

The Day 3

  • Following the flake, she suggested meeting in Angel on the Friday for a comedy night at a local pub–a big green light to go for the pull that night since she’s arranging the date in my neighbourhood
  • I obviously wasn’t enthused about the comedy but, according to the website, the comedy started at 8pm, so I figured we could be done with it early
  • We arrived at the pub at 7.45pm; unfortunately tickets were only left for the later 9.15pm showing
  • She was intent on still watching the 9.15pm showing, even after my objections. So I compromised and said we’d sneak out after the first act or if we weren’t laughing enough
  • We grabbed a drink in the pub in the meantime
  • I found out she had to wake up at 6am the next morning, to work the breakfast shift at the café. Because of this, she hinted at needing to get the last tube later on
  • At this point I told myself to step it up a gear, escalating much quicker, and leading conversation way more. Time to switch to closer mode, Jamie!
  • From this point forth I was uber-aware that the window of opportunity was closing, and I’d have to hurry things along more than I’d normally like to
  • I figured if we stayed and watched the full comedy, the pull would be very unlikely. The last tube seemed like a condition I’d have to work with, rather than an objection I could sidestep
  • At 9.15pm she didn’t forget about the comedy (I wasn’t going to mention it; I hoped she’d forget!). So we went upstairs to find our seats
  • In the small auditorium I made sure we sat at the end of an aisle near the door!
  • At 10pm I pulled her out of the comedy in the dark. We ducked our heads and squeezed out past people standing behind
  • I led her to a different pub near mine: final venue
  • I decided to go for the kiss to make clear my intentions with this girl. She probably has lots of guys pussyfooting around
  • Success! We kissed here, although it wasn’t the smoothest–when I decided to go for it, we didn’t start off with our faces very close to each other. However, it worked well enough and no objection from her
  • Shortly after this, I pulled her back to mine. It was now before 11pm. I still had the last tube in the back of my mind
  • No LMR in the bedroom, but as she was casually taking her clothes off she did mention we had to be quick, with the last tube looming. Ha, this made me laugh! I also thanked God I’d hurried things along and executed
  • So apparently sex is no big deal to her if she likes the dude and he doesn’t friend-zone himself. Bet a lot of guys in her social circle are stuck in the friend-zone
  • She had a great little body, albeit not a naturally curvy one–turns out she studied sports science and nutrition at uni and is even qualified as a personal trainer
  • Post sex interview: she said she was only aware that sex was actually gonna happen at the final venue (when I made explicit about going back to mine).
  • During sex she enjoyed playing with my gooch A LOT. When I enquired as to why she was so fixated on it, she said that her gay flatmate gave her tips that guys like this. Good studying Natalie, have an “A” for effort!
  • After the deed was done, good vibes and joking
  • And then, within an hour of getting back to mine, she soon got dressed and hurried off to make her way home. Great girl!

Thanks for reading.


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Lay Report: Saturday SDL

The red lips were maybe even brighter than these.

So far this year I’ve been having a love/hate relationship with game. Not at all wanting to go out and do daygame beforehand, but then–once in a set–totally absorbed and feeling right back at home. On Saturday it was more a case of loving daygame, as I enjoyed a full seven-hour set…

At around 2pm on Saturday I met up my wing “David” outside King’s Cross tube station to do a session. We started wandering through the station towards the canal and I watched David open the first couple of girls while I weaseled refused a few sets. After more dawdling about while I delayed my first open of the day, I clocked a girl wearing a red coat and red lipstick walking past. About five-feet-four, dark hair, and walking along leisurely. No IOI but she landed right on my radar. “Two secs” I said to David. “Is she with that couple? The girl in red. She looks really flirty and sexual“.

My question was soon answered as she peeled away from the couple: she was solo and not with them. I did an about-turn and caught up. “Excuse me, hey. You look really relaxed but in a badass way…[blah de blah]” It was a walk-with, side-on approach and she soon brought her unhurried pace to a halt.

I received a warm reception: wide-eyed and all smiles. She seemed to be responding quite emotionally, with nervous energy affecting her speech. Why can’t every open be like this! After I stacked some more I learned that Marta was a 22-year-old Mexican girl here in London for a few weeks to improve her English. To her credit her English was already excellent and I didn’t really have to dumb it down at all.

She told me that she’d never left her country before. And although she works as an air hostess back in Mexico, it’s a domestic airline so she only flies within her country. Back at home, she lives in Mexico City with family and had decided to travel here alone on a whim. She’d arrived in London last weekend and was staying with a family who host language students. Today she was out exploring London with no real plan. So far, so good I thought. Ding ding ding!

But then came something I definitely didn’t plan for. A few minutes into the set I felt a slow and controlled tap on my shoulder from behind. It felt familiar and knowing. “Who could this be?” I thought. Chances are that it’s my wing, I assumed, but that would have to mean it was something urgent. I pivoted around and instead came face-to-face with two ex-colleagues, who also happen to be good mates. I’ve even been on lads weekends away with them, picking up girls in Eastern European bars together while I’ve used some under-the-radar game.

Unknowns and unplanneds can be a fun challenge. I miss that side of nightgame.

I did some vague introductions and tried to involve everyone in some light conversation. Fortunately it all ended up being normal and smooth. This was probably because (1) Marta has already hooked, and (2) my mates were savvy enough to have suspected it was the early stages of some romantic interaction. So I got some always-welcome social proof from my mates, before they realised that they’d do well to leave us one-on-one. Good “winging” from them, thanks guys!

After this I strolled with Marta inside and through the station, where I showed her Platform nine-and-three-quarters. Because she was reacting so positively and because I live only one tube station away, I was already planning our adventure with the end in mind. I told her I’d take her for a drink and from the station I walked her in the general direction of my place–not intending for the insta-pull, but attempting to set things up nicely. At one lull in the conversation she asked “So where is this pub?” At this point, I casually took her to the nearest one: the Big Chill pub. Had she not asked where we were going, I would have walked her to a closer pub to mine.

At the bar, I ordered two G&Ts and we sat next to each other on a sofa [1]. She was sitting very erect (heh) and “proper”. This made sense when I found out she was from a good family and knowing that it’s part of her job with the airline to look good. Nothing too special from me at this point: mainly more comfort, gaining some minor compliance, and the beginning of some light kino. At this stage she hadn’t really tested me at all: good girl! Soon before we leave the pub, I noticed she was beginning to relax her posture too–probably a good sign at this stage.

After the pub my plan was to experiment with a classic Anthony Hustle bike ride, taking her on a scenic route to a pub in Angel. However, this plan was scuppered when the Santander bike machine took my money before then telling me it was out of service. “No problem!” I said, as I hopped us on a bus heading up Pentonville Road towards Angel. She was fine with the idea of the “small adventure”.

At Angel I took her to a different pub to where I would normally go–the Camden Head–purely to mix it up for me. Here the only stumbling block was getting a table. Once seated we had more deep conversation. I found more evidence she’s a lovely girl, but one who is conveniently also in touch with her sexual side. She opened up and jokingly let me know that she can be very emotional: sometimes unable to control or hide her overwhelming inner thoughts, and often crying during impactful movies and TV shows. I tell her that I will be dangerous for her.

Because it was still early and neither of us had anywhere else to be, I decided to slow-play and build some solid foundations before any bounce-home attempt. If played correctly, this was a set that should be straightforward and low risk. Plus, at the risk of sounding gay, unlike some dates I go on where the connection is mainly physical, I was actually quite enjoying her company and personality [2]. She was intelligent, giggling at all the right things, and rapport was natural. The subcommunications and underlying attraction were also strong from the word go. During conversation, I seeded my place a few times, as well as more ambiguous adventure. But before that I decided to take her to one more venue.

At the final pub on the way to mine, the conversation took a more sexual turn and for once I actually remembered to adopt the “we” frame. I was also getting more physical than on recent dates: she seemed happy with me stroking her leg and back [3]. And the conversation was getting more and more sexual. Things were heating up and a running joke was that we were dangerous for each other. I resisted the urge to jump the gun and lead straight home–it was still early, and I didn’t feel like I needed to risk anything. At one point, whether good game or not, I even thought to myself: “What would a normal, high-value guy who gets laid often do at this point on a date?” and then opted to get us another drink. It wasn’t late, we were actually still quite sober, plus we were in a pub after all. Soon after this she accepted the kiss and everything was looking good for the bounce-back.

When I did finally go for the bounce-back, I suddenly thought I might have fucked up. Up to this point, she’d seemed fine and happy with the tenuous and implied idea of going back to mine. But just as I made it explicit, at a high point in the interaction, she pulled out phone and fiddled away on the screen. I assumed she was messaging someone. Then she hit me with: “That’s it, you’ve lost me“. There was an air of finality to her words. I assumed this meant that she had to go and that I’d “lost” her presence. My heart skipped a beat and I tried to remain unreactive. Inside I was thinking: “Fuck, Jamie! You’ve delayed so long now that she’s made other plans. Idiot!” Then she showed me her phone with Google Maps on the screen. This didn’t calm my fears. But soon everything was fine again when she told me she was happy to come back to mine and had just been checking where in London she currently was–i.e. that she was geographically “lost”. She was checking for later on for when she would eventually have to return home. I let out a sigh of relief as I realised everything was still on track. She gathered her bag and scarf, we put on our coats, and headed for the door.

Back at mine, another minor hiccup: the Internet was down. Which meant I had no music. I briefly attempted to remedy the situation, but had no immediate success. Apparently it made no difference to her, and she seemed calmer than I was about the deafening silence hanging behind our words. Anyway, I slow-played the escalation in the bedroom (as seems to be the pattern for me at the moment). And, as also seems to be a recent pattern for me, I was using lines straight form my favourite taboo porn [4]–mainly because I enjoy the tease so much; I’m not sure how effective they actually are!

Turns out she was really good at the jumping dinosaur game.

Even at this point it wasn’t totally straightforward. It turned out she was on the last day of her period and throughout she seemed a bit shy about it. I tried to put her fears at rest and then slowly continued ramping things up. After about 20 minutes of measured, teasing foreplay, she pulled me inside of her and the notch was in the books. No sign of any period blood, the sex was great, and sure enough I was loving daygame again.

Thanks for reading.


[1] Note to self: try face-to-face in venue one next time, à la Thomas Crown.

[2] Ok, that definitely sounds gay.

[3] I’ve tried but I don’t think I can make this sound non-creepy.

[4] Step-bro/ step-sis porn. It’s probably a good thing I don’t have a step-sister, given how much I’m into this…

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Lay Report: Spanish Slow-Play

More Mediterranean-looking.

Some girls just seem to get it. And it’s your job to not fuck it up. Their self-esteem is high enough, and they’re social savvy enough, to not really need to shit-test. If you demonstrate you’re intrinsically high value enough, and you stick the course, they’ll be up for it. If you’re not, it’s no problem: a smile and a goodbye. They can spot chinks in the armour a mile off, without having to probe and rattle. Anything too obvious or gamey, and you’ll betray your social ineptness. I’ve made these mistakes in the past with these girls, where I’ve often failed from overgaming and doing too much.

Anyway, the Saturday before last, I met a girl who fitted this exact archetype.

Opening outside of central

I was out with my wing “David” and we’d started around 2pm. We both wanted to get some January approaching done, but didn’t fancy central London. So we met to do a session around Angel, King’s Cross, and Shoreditch. Turns out there’s some decent female foot traffic in these areas too.

David was taking a bunch of action as always, jumping into difficult sets, and approaching the hottest girls without a second’s delay. This included opening a hot, high-status English girl in the queue at Starbucks with onlookers around him. A naturally awkward social situation. Which reminds me, I must listen to his audio of that one (he was recording with his dictaphone at the time).

I didn’t want to get left behind, but that wasn’t going to happen. I was feeling motivated, and had no qualms about saying hello to members of the fairer sex. Walking back down from Upper Street towards Angel, and turning into Angel Central [1], I spotted a young, Mediterranean-looking, dressed-down brunette with long hair and olive skin. She didn’t exude sex appeal in a pornstar way, but she did stir something inside me in a girl-next-door way. She was hot, slim, and smiled warmly as I opened.

Francesca turned out to be an easy-going, but shrewd, Catalan girl, who was easy to vibe with. However, she was independent and decisive–she wasn’t going to be walkover. She seemed very socially savvy for her age, yet didn’t question being approached during the day. She was very feminine and conversation was light and carefree. I mostly maintained regular conversation while looking deep into her soul and subcommunicating my true intentions. She told me she was an au pair, and was on a gap year before uni. Surface level dialogue with underlying sexual energy. A few minutes after opening, she had to go, but not before I took her number.

Francesca was warm over WhatsApp the next couple of days and seemed interested. She suggested a Sunday afternoon beer the upcoming weekend, and I suggested we do it near mine (I’d already seeded in set that I live nearby). Everything going smoothly so far. Signs were pointing towards a good opportunity for a first new notch of 2019.

Fortunately there are still girls who don’t ghost me on WhatsApp

The Day 2: Sunday just gone

Up until Sunday afternoon I’d been having a very lazy weekend. I was burnt out from a brutal week at work, and on Friday night had let my hair down till the early hours doing my first nightgame session in over a year. Over the course of Saturday and Sunday, I’d been mostly sleeping in my blacked-out room, reading Dilbert comic books (my guilty pleasure), and nipping out the house for chocolate and other comfort food runs. However I did manage two approaches whilst out and about, although they were both insta-blow outs.

Last-minute planning.

But a big challenge of game is to be able to turn it on when it’s game time, and so walking across to the date, I NLP-ed myself into a sexual and sociable mood, and did a few vocal warm-up exercises en route.

When we met she seemed a bit more abrupt than before, and we kissed on the cheek perfunctorily, neither investing too much. It was bloody freezing though. She wore a coat and scarf, but even with that on, I can discern a youthful and slim body beneath. It’s cold and I usher her to venue one.

In the first bar, she agrees to my drink choice and suggestion of a G&T (good sign). We sit side by side on a bench at a table. She drops her handbag between us, and keeps a fair amount of distance.

It’s only 5pm and I learn that I have a while with her. Perfect. No rush, I say to myself. So far, she seems just my type, so no need to push this one too hard. Enter comfort talk and chit-chat.

I learn a bit more about her background. She’s only 18, yet she’s very independent. Her family are back in Barcelona, and while she’s hoping to go to a top Arts University in the autumn, she’s now working as an au pair and part-time Spanish teacher in London.

Nothing more too noteworthy at venue one, apart from the fact that she smokes socially, and at one stage she nips outside to have one. At her request, I join her. Later on in the date, I choose not to.

Across the street in venue two, we switch it up and order beers. I decide to subtly give her the option to pay and, as I appear distracted, waiting… waiting… waiting… as the waitress tells us how much we owe. With no movement from her, I eventually cave and nonchalantly look up from my stupor and pay the bill. I really should have been more ballsy with this. Either way, I acted convincingly enough that she doesn’t realise I was attempting a sneaky move.

When getting round two in with some girls in the past, I’ve said in my most off-hand and relaxed way possible: “you’re ok to get this one, yeah?” and attempted to act very blasé. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s worked both times I’ve done it, and with no fuss. Michael Sartain, who hangs out with, and dates, some of the most objectively hot girls on the planet, even talks about how important getting investment from a girl is. Although logic and common sense suggest otherwise, he says that even with the supermodels, her investment (not necessarily monetary) is one of the biggest things that will help you. I guess getting investment from her can be explained by the Ben Franklin effect, the sunk cost fallacy, and commitment and consistency (from Cialdini)–where she’ll likely rationalise why she invested in something.

Michael Sartain and entourage.

What did appear to work out well was when, ten minutes after sitting down with our beers, she suggested getting nachos and I said “yeah if you wanna grab some I can help you with those“. So I let her order, and then made my way through most of them. They were relatively expensive for an au pair who earns nada, and they also turned out to be really shitty nachos [2].

At this stage we also learned a bit more about each other. I liked Francesca. She wasn’t born with a silver spoon and she was a nice hot girl. Francesca seemed to have social gears, where she could be very socially switched-on and “proper” around some people (growing up with older brothers and sisters probably helped this), but I could also tell there was a promiscuous girl who would come out to play, when with others. Although she seemed studious, liked to hike in the countryside, and wasn’t yet addicted to Instgram [3], she did have her belly button pierced and alluded to a few sexual escapades when prompted. The eye contact was also very on.

I told her about me, with the aide of a few stories. I tapped into previous experiences with Spanish girls, and talked about ex-girlfriends who were Spanish and where they lived, as well as where I’ve travelled in Spain. Throughout the date I also sprinkled in a few Spanish phrases (that 99% of Brits wouldn’t know).

For some reason, I hadn’t yet ramped up the explicit sexuality (verbal or physical) of the interaction. Or used the “we” frame (I keep neglecting this, bah!). Not even via the unofficial questions game we were loosely running throughout, either. She also seemed to fit more of the European blueprint rather than American/UK blueprint [4], as expected given her geography I guess! So for her, the big attraction spikes didn’t seem necessary, and felt like they would’ve been incongruent. However, I was realising that this would likely have to be a three-venue date if it was going to be a smooth pull. We could have done more drinks there at venue two, but I wanted to baby-step the journey back to mine, covering half the distance now.

So after one hour or so at venue two, we made our way to venue three. I was sure to seed that we were going to my local pub, that it was “on the way to mine“, and that I was tempted to take her “on a little adventure” later, but that “I’m still not sure“.

Venue three has good lighting and is usually more conducive to seduction. However, this Sunday evening in January it was deserted and so it felt like we were the focus of the bargirl’s attention. We were hardly an anonymous couple on a secret rendezvous. Anyway, we got our drinks and sat together on a bench behind a table looking out across the empty room. Actually there was one other couple there, also on a first date. But the guy didn’t seem to know game, and she definitely “wasn’t my cup of tea”, so I soon became disinterested and stopped eavesdropping.

Venue Three. And almost as empty.

With my focus on Francesca, I realised there was still work to do. I started to sexualise more verbally, and we were soon sharing naughty stories with each other. I was gently encouraging her to open up, and she seemed fine discussing sexual topics. Turns out she’s had quite the sexual history so far, being with as many as ten boys (I’m extrapolating here, but it has to be around that number), as well as having a long-term boyfriend up until October. The sex life of a hot 18 year old…

In terms of her viewing you as a potential sexual partner, I think that with some girls you can just imply you’ve been with a lot of girls and that sex is a normal thing that cool guys and cool girls (like you and her) do. And rather than judge, they will realise you’re “part of the in-group”. Nothing obvious and explicit, or try-hard, though–it can be a very fine line. And then the sex can just happen. However, with some more chaste girls this will not work–e.g. the superficial Made in Chelsea-type girl who recently walked out on a date with me soon after I broached the subject of sex (her loss 😉 )

Although the topic of conversational was favourable, and the subcomms were strong throughout, she didn’t seem totally relaxed with the kino: when I took her hand in mine, she seemed awkward and overly conscious of it. So I made sure to drop it soon the couple of times I tried. I also left it unmentioned and soon said something unrelated to get her mind off of it. If I don’t address the misstep, then the misstep didn’t happen. She was also still sitting some distance away.

However, at this crucial point in the date, rather than risk losing any social capital with a failed kiss attempt (or anything similar), I decided to trust I’d done enough work and after 50 minutes at venue three I suggested the bounce back–with disqualification (I said something about her not staying long because I had to wake up early). She didn’t immediately jump at the idea, but, after a similar disqualifier of her own, she was on board. She rolled a cigarette and we left.

At mine I grab us a beer each from the fridge and after a few minutes of chat in the kitchen, we move to my room. She hasn’t yet removed her shoes. But neither have I. With slighter bigger-than-normal exaggerated motions, I conspicuously remove my shoes in front of her and she realises and then follows suit with hers. Great. She nips to the loo. I’m at my standing desk, picking music to play on YouTube. I stand waiting there as she returns from the loo. She joins me, standing next to me only centimetres away (there are no seats in the room). After a while I just turn my head from the screen, we hold eye contact, and we kiss. Boom. Praise the Lord! If I’m feeling the tension after this lonnnnnng a wait, then surely she is too.

From there I still slow-play, and disengage, chat, and then go back in for a kiss a few times. Since she doesn’t seem completely horny, and she’s not moaning or anything just yet, I don’t want to trigger any unwanted inhibitions of hers.

I’ve been experimenting with my anti-LMR tactics lately. Still a small sample size, but results are looking good so far. I haven’t been doing my old trick of transferring my own horniness onto her with heavy-handed escalation. As it happens, I’ve been doing the opposite: taking it very slowly and trying to get her to lead and initiate some steps. Even with some added commentary too, which I pinched from the step-sister porn I’ve been watching for the last year or so [5]! So it’s been very slow-going, almost like how I imagine it would be for two curious-yet-“straight” girls fooling around for the first time [6] (actually I’ve watched bisexual girls in isolation on a date before and can confirm that they escalate verrrrry slowly, but then every step is all-the-more intimate to them).

Anyway, wow–what a body. The tight waist I’d already guessed by the low BMI. But the ass and the breasts are curvier and fuller than her winter layers suggested. The sex is great and afterwards we spoon and comfort-talk [7]. Then I send her on her way. She takes it all in her stride, goes off with a smile on her face, and doesn’t even want walking to the station–it’s no big deal to her.

So with this one I played it very patiently and got basically no resistance at all. Possibly this was because I took it so slowly… but it could just have been because she was DTF anyway. I’ll never know for sure. What I’d love to do is run another simulation of this date in a parallel Universe where I pull her back right away–and see whether that strategy works out or not. Maybe there was more than one way to skin this cat.

As always, thanks for reading.


[1] The smallest shopping mall known to man. There’s only ever capacity for one hot girl at any one time.

[2] They appeared to be a packet of Doritos emptied into a cereal bowl, with some grated cheese thrown on top. That’ll £10 please, young lady!

[3] Hallelujah!

[4] Todd V does a great job of highlighting the general differences between European and American/UK girls here.

[5] Knew it would come in handy one day. As things are really heating up, I’ve been saying things like “This is so naughty, we shouldn’t be doing this… But then again… it feels so gooood” :DDD

[6] I should point out here that I’m not a lesbian.

[7] And arrange to go to Harmony at her suggestion to buy sex toys.

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New Year, Same Mistakes

I haven’t been gaming much this year, but when I have, it’s been fun. Work has been v busy and daygame has provided a welcome distraction. At the weekend, I’ve been carefree and enjoying going out with my wing to chat to girls. I’ve been experiencing little approach anxiety. However this has led to perhaps a few more mistakes being made both in-set and with leads. Most of these mistakes I’ve seen before.

Actually, I’d award myself a B based on early January efforts.

Not being physical in set

Even an arm tap, or an accoutrement-grab would do. Better still, moving the girl a foot or so “out of the way of the crowd”, starting to make progress up the compliance ladder. My wing “David” pointed this out the other day, when I was talking to an interested girl DIRECTLY IN A SHOP ENTRANCE in Liverpool Street station. C’mon Jamie, what better excuse!! Just move her aside. So simple! Think!!

Creepy-sounding, but effective.

Not being sexual enough in set

I’ve been neglecting this via the subcomms, and more directly via the verbals. Either way, I haven’t been adopting the mindset of a guy going out to get laid. I’m too busy being social and enjoying the regular banter. In a non-hectic nightgame environment (e.g. a lounge bar), where both you and the girl are both there for the next 30+ mins, you can afford to take your foot off the gas and let time do a lot of your work. But in a short set during the day, you need to convey everything in those short few minutes! Man up and let her know you want her, Jamie!!

Being a motormouth when things are going well

I’m actually pretty good at waffling on when I’m in a social mood. Sometimes too good. Especially when she’s hooked, I’ll often chat along, leaving her far behind. I did it the other day with a Romanian girl who didn’t even speak much English. Duuurrrrrrr!! Associated: speaking off-topic and too quickly.

Not future projecting the date

I had some success last year with future-planning when I was number-closing girls. It would also serve to ground the interaction. So why the f*&k am I not doing it this year?!!

And the biggest mistake of all…


This one should be criminal. FFS Jamie! Do you want to bang these girls or not!!

Sometimes I’ll tell myself to message the girl in the morning before work. Due to prolonged snoozing, I won’t find enough time: I’ll finally drag myself out of bed to shower, then dry off, get changed, and be out the door just like that. “But it’s ok” I’ll tell myself: I’ll just send a message at the office mid-morning when I get a break. That break invariably doesn’t come. At lunch I’ll nip out the office and grab some lunch in the city. However, I’ll be strolling around daydreaming and enjoying my brief freedom, without a worry in the world. I’ll even possibly get sidetracked by a YouTube charisma breakdown video or similar. Back at the office and I’ll suddenly remember: I was supposed to message Swedish Suzy, bah! Work in the afternoon is relentless and I’ll stay late to get some numbers finished. Before I know it, it’s 7.30pm and I’m stressed and beaten down from a long day at work. Leaving the office I finally fire off a quick reply, then regret it, immediately thinking of a better alternative reply. Fuck! Needless to say, the ensuing silence confirms she’s lost interest. And I’m back in Ghostville. Waaahhhh.

Anyway, mistakes aside, I’ve been doing lots of things well. And most important, I’ve been enjoying daygame. Over time, if I put in the time and am enjoying talking to new girls, the results will come.

Thanks for reading.


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2018 Results

2018 was the year I took the plunge into daygame. Lots of action-taking, plenty of hardships, and even a sprinkling of sexcesses. Here are the numbers.

Headline figures

Approaches: 803

New notches: 15*

My 2018, graphed

The red marker shows the date of the lay. A few of the approaches were weeks, and in one case months, before the marker.

I will now shamelessly copy Mr White’s recent results post, where he listed his “lucky ladies”. Mine are as follows.

Rundown of the girls:

  1. May 11: 20yo Spanish student lawyer on holiday in London. SDDL. Blog post here
  2. July 21: 22yo Macedonian waitress and party girl. Day 2: Tweets here
  3. Aug 16: 22yo affectionate Brazilian, studying English in London. Day 2. Tweets here
  4. Sept 11: 18yo introverted Italian/Turkish girl. SDDL. Tweets here
  5. Sept 20: 26yo Colombian salsa dancer. Day 2. Tweets here
  6. Sept 28: 21yo Spanish law student and contemporary dancer. Day 3. Tweets here
  7. Oct 5: 18yo Aussie party girl. Toilet lay. SNL/gutter game [1]. Tweets here
  8. Oct 6: 21yo Swedish au pair. Day 2. Tweets here
  9. Oct 25: 22yo Scottish recent graduate. SDL/SNL. Tweets here
  10. Nov 4: 29yo Filipina photographer. Day 2. Tweets here
  11. Nov 9: 27yo Spanish events coordinator. Day 2. Tweets here
  12. Nov 24: 20yo sassy American cheerleader. Day 2. Tweets here
  13. Dec 9: 27yo Irish pharmacology graduate SDL/SNL [2]. Blog post here
  14. Dec 20: 19yo South African au pair [3] Day 3. Blog post here
  15. Dec 21: 24yo arty Italian. Day 2. Blog post here

It seems to have been a year of two halves:

First struggle and frustration…
A tough couple of months where nothing was sticking
…and, after much perseverance, the fabled abundance.
This sexy Swede was objectively the hottest girl I banged in 2018

So, overall, a decent start

I came from a background of proven nightgame competence. However, it took a while for me to adjust to doing pretty much the same thing but during the day. I just hung in there while my vibe played catch-up. So I put in the hours, and in time began to feel more natural doing it. Regular results soon came. (A blog post describing my initial struggle-and breakthrough-with daygame is here)

I’m happy so far. Starting out with daygame, I had no huge expectations. My main goal was to become comfortable approaching attractive girls during the day [4], and hopefully get a bit of action in the process. That being said, I never really doubted that results would come if I just stuck at it. And they did. During 2018, I’ve met, dated and had sexy-time with some great girls. Towards the end of the year, my sex life had never been better.

The breakdown

  • SDLs/SNLs: 3
  • SDDLs: 2
  • Day 2s: 22 (including 8 lays)
  • Day 3s: 3 (including 2 lays)
  • Insta-dates: 14 (total, including some of the above lays)
  • Phone numbers: not sure. I focused too much on number-closing in the early days and it hurt my results. So I stopped caring. Also, I’m lazy and flaky over messaging anyway. I’m probably nowhere near 1-in-3.
  • Day 4s: 1
  • Day 5s: 1
  • Street make-outs: 2
  • Toilet lays: 1
  • Threesomes, foursomes, etc: Zero


  • Clubs visited: 1 (and this was on a double-date with another daygamer)
  • % of days that I approached: 53% (since starting)
  • Wings I’ve winged with: 7 (including three main wings: Mr S, Maximus and Am-Star, plus a handful of approaches with other cool dudes)
  • Outraged feminists: 1
  • Tears (my own): Zero
  • Times I lost my emotional control during a session: 1
  • Longest no-fap stretch: 95 days
  • Most abundant period: sex with 5 different girls in 8 days
  • Out of the lays, girls I didn’t kiss until at sex location: ~5 out of 15
  • Most booze drunk on a single date: 3-4 drinks
  • Repeat lays/ girls seen for a second time: 10 out of 15 (this would have been a lot lower in years past, when I was more of a hit-and-run guy)
  • Blog posts: 8
  • Tweets: ~280

As always, thanks for reading. It was a fun year. Now time to get some approaches done in 2019!


*Including: one girl who technically approached me, and some evening approaches. Excluding: any obviously non-daygame/street approach lays this year.

[1] This was probably more like a gutter game lay, and in fact, she technically opened me.

[2] Since I met some of these girls after dusk, I’ve written “SDL/SNL” here. There was also more of a nighttime vibe.

[3] Just tapped that ass again last night. Phenomenal booty, and waist-to-hips ratio.

[4] I can’t help but feel that this will forever be a work-in-progress. I know I’m still working on it, as we probably all are…

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Anthony Hustle’s Inner Game Advice to Nick Krauser

Read the email below in a thick German accent

In A Deplorable Cad, Nick candidly shares early stories of winging with Tom Torero, and a German friend of Tom’s: “Antony“. Antony would later go on to become “Anthony Hustle”. Below is an email that Nick received from Antony in March 2011, when they were diagnosing each other’s sticking points:

“Hey Nick,

After having watched you and spoken (to) you for a few times, I will give my honest and straight forward feedback in bullet point […]

1) I don’t think that more theory will help you. Your theoretical knowledge is very deep and strong. I think theory destroys your vibe at times. There are too many exogenous factors that you can’t take into account (husband, got raped, just broke up that day); many times you will end with wrong conclusions. The trick is to be happy (later more). Theory only gets in your head and that’s the last thing you want because it destroys your vibe. I tended to be like that three months ago (it is my nature as an academic) and when I simply let go of the desire to find the perfect game model I got better again.

2) I can feel that there are still internal issues. I know that you are an honest and straight forward person and I know that you are not afraid of situations; I highly value this because I know that you would fight for me if the situation came up. I still feel that you are coming from a place of negativity (sometimes or in other respects) as if you have to prove something to yourself. Even if you don’t have to externally validate yourself , sometimes you may have to prove something to yourself. That is the wrong mindset and it comes from internal issues. I think the aim should be to be very positive, to be happy with yourself and to exude this energy. At the end, if you are happy with yourself, nothing and nobody can affect you. That’s very attractive.

3) This is related to 2). I think that you get hung up on the idea of being ‘alpha’. Alpha is just a label for something undefined. So the label alpha is firstly allusive and secondly another concept that people get obsessed with. If you can let go of the idea of becoming ‘alpha’ you will a) be more in the moment and b) actually become closer to the person you want to be. A desire to become a certain person (alpha) implies that you are missing a value that you want to obtain; ie you are not (yet) happy with who you are. People feel when you are not happy with yourself and it is not attractive.

Again, don’t get me wrong: you are very good. To master the above it probably takes time and it is very advanced but fundamental. I know you will sort all this out very soon because you won’t give up


That’s me being as honest as I can be!”

Wow. I feel like this sums up most underlying issues that intermediate daygamers have. I can definitely relate to these points, particularly 1) and 2). I see close wings struggling with 3) too: however, to me the whole alpha notion is stupid and misunderstood–anyone who has a decent amount of experience with women knows that success with women isn’t as straightforward as just “being alpha”.

Self-aggrandising and probably involves a fair amount of poetic license… but a highly entertaining read nonetheless!

Anyway, I really liked this extract from the book. Hope you do too.


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Playing Catch-Up with the Memoirs

I’d been so focused on daygame and getting paid that I hadn’t taken any time off for the nine months up to Christmas. I was beat. Outside of work, much of my free time had been taken up hitting the streets and learning daygame. And, at work, since I was now contracting and charging a day rate, I viewed it as money lost if I took any time off at all. So, after Christmas I planned to take a short holiday up to the New Year. I booked a flight to the Canary Islands to put work and game to the very back of my mind. Time to recharge.

The struggle is real in this one. Great write-up from Bodi.

Except for the odd impromptu approach on the promenade, I was planning to forget all about game. I had loads of new books downloaded on my Kindle to pass my time. These covered all sorts of genres: the economy, some science fiction, some sleep science, and some vintage classics. But I’d packed a couple of daygame memoirs I’d ordered from Lulu, just in case.

Well, it’s now three days after I arrived and I fly back to London tomorrow. And since I’ve arrived I can say that I haven’t read a single page of any of the books on my Kindle. My reading time has been purely spent reading Bodi and Krauser memoirs. Oops. On the plus side, it’s been bloody great reading.

Because I hadn’t taken the traditional daygame path, I’d missed out on the daygame rite of passage: reading all the textbooks, instructionals, memoirs, etc. that our forefathers had laid (heh) down before us. Whilst most London daygamers had been swotting-up on Daygame Mastery, I’d been watching things like Valentine University, Julien Blanc’s Pimp, and YouTube videos of RSD Tyler and ranting at a seminar room full of North American RSD acolytes.

“So, what did you study at University?” Me: “Ermmm”

Anyway, it turns out I’d really been missing out, having not read these memoirs. They’ve been gripping reading so far! It’s been fascinating to learn more about the London daygame backstory, and to learn about who the various characters were. The ratpack stories have been engrossing.

If I weren’t staying at a beach resort which seems to be 100% comprised of families and septuagenarians, I would’ve taken this inspiration and used it as fuel to be pushing for SDLs in the sun. As has instead been the case, sets have been very scarce indeed. Pretty much the only two girls I’ve found worthy of approaching have been one 19-year old and one 20-year old who had each become momentarily separated from their families. One of whom ghosted me on WhatsApp, and the other I couldn’t break through the “I have a boyfriend” objection. So I’ve actually been itching to get back to London, where the sets are a-plenty!

Scandalous shenanigans lie within

Anyway, back to the books. If you’re even remotely into game, daygame, or even just reading salacious stories, I thoroughly recommend those books I’ve just finished: Bodi’s Death by a Thousand Sluts, Part I, and also part I and part II of the Nick Krauser memoir series.

Addictive reading at its best.


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The Beginning, Part II: Daygame Breakthrough

Part I here

Another set to nowhere

This is Part II of how I got started with daygame. I pick up from where Part I left off. To recap:

  • I’d just burned the boats (namely nightgame and online game), and was about to fully commit to daygame.
  • I’d recently returned to London, and had started a new job.
  • Abundance was low: I had no leads, no regulars, and, with the exception of a recent Bumble bang [1], I hadn’t had sex in a couple of months.
  • But I was determined to learn daygame and get good at it no matter what!

I’m not one of those people who “needs” to get laid. This might explain why I don’t put up with bitchy behaviour from girls. Or why I don’t get into relationships easily. Or why I often choose not to follow up with my +1s. It might also explain why I didn’t jump right into daygame with both feet, even after cutting off other options to get my end away. As it happened, I coaxed myself in gently, with the help of a friend and wing.

A good mate of mine, “Maximus“, who’s been daygaming in London on-and-off for a few years now, suggested winging together sometime. We’d met in early 2015, at an RSD Todd FreeTour [2], and had remained friends since. We’d taken different paths in game–I went down the nightgame and the RSD route; whereas he chose the London daygame path (and, for a time, 4 Week Natural)–but we would cross paths and check-in with each other regularly. Maximus had recently been seeing a hot Ukrainian girl who he’d met on the streets of London in 2017. I wanted in on that kind of daygame action!

Anyway, come April this year, and with his Ukrainian girl back in Kiev, Maximus invited me out to wing with him in Westfield Mall, Stratford, one rainy Saturday afternoon. This was the day I would do my first daygame approaches of this new undertaking. It also became the day I would get my first daygame number, and predictably, my first daygame flake. So nothing too momentous, but the important thing was that I was off the mark.

For the next few weeks, I’d go out with Maximus one-to-two days per week, usually at the weekend. We’d trudge along the standard London daygame route: Oxford Street–>Carnaby Street–>Piccadilly–>Leicester Square–>Covent Garden. In a typical session, we’d tend to alternate approaches and reach 10 each.

At first it felt very regimented and I was never quite at ease, probably because I was still adjusting to approaching girls during the daytime, but perhaps also because I was largely following a wing’s routine. At this stage I was also following the ‘James Tusk’ model, which was fairly direct and didn’t feel congruent to me.

A few days after approaching this air hostess, I would go on to get LMR from her. Still hurts to this day, waaaah!

However, I did get some early sexcess, and my first daygame lay came quite early on. This was going to be easy, I thought. Wrong!

I added in one or two evening sessions per week with another wing: “Am-Star”. Although the extra sessions helped build momentum and increase references, I still felt like my daygame level was way below my previous nightgame level. I didn’t seem to be fully expressing myself, or fully “letting go”: in summary, I wasn’t bringing my A-game.

Looking back, I can say that my scant results were a result of “just turning up and getting the references in”, and dogmatically following other coaches’ prescribed methods. I also seemed to be experiencing the downside of date variance (e.g. multiple LMRs, failed bounce-backs, etc), which obviously doesn’t help during spells like this!

But rather than do the sensible thing and stand back and diagnose, I just blindly increased my intensity of approaching. I would be like a robot: (1) Get into set; (2) Attempt to attract girl; (3) Attempt to number-close girl; (4) …And then get out! I ascribe this to be the reason for my lack of sexccesses over my next ~250 sets. During this period, my vibe was often very “off” [3], and I rarely wanted to be out there doing the sets. I filmed and recorded some sets with Am-Star, which exposed my many shortcomings. Watching myself back was a very humbling experience!

In summertime the daygamers were out in droves. Occasionally a wing would point out a more competent daygamer on the streets who was getting regular results, such as Thomas Crown, or Mr White [4]. I’d wonder to myself what they were doing differently. Whereas they were blogging about their +1s, I just seemed to be muddling along, stuck in a plateau.

My long-term view was that I just had to get more daytime references in, and success would inevitably follow. And so I kept on grinding, putting in about 30 forced sets per week. During this period I was starting to learn (the hard way) that vibe in daygame was everything.

From sets 70 to 320, daygame had been far from great

One evening, after I’d had yet another girl back in my bed give me LMR, I lay down exhausted and reflected. I’d been treating daygame so seriously that I’d been neglecting other areas of my life. I hadn’t contacted my family in some time, I hadn’t seen my non-game mates for months, and had been disregarding other key areas of my life. More worryingly, I’d forgotten how to have fun. I’d been focusing so much on upping my cumulative approaches that I’d laid everything else by the wayside.

Turning Point

One evening in August I planned to take a night off with Am-star. This would be the much-needed break we both needed. Instead of banging our heads against the wall getting rejected by girls, we decided to shoot some pool at a King’s Cross pool hall and then go for a pizza afterwards. This was supposed to be a complete night off, where we put game and girls to the back of our minds, and just recharge doing other things. And it seemed to be working wonders: for the first time in weeks I was laughing out loud and feeling unburdened. We weren’t even focused too much on the games of pool, instead just pranking around.

I carried my feel-good vibes with me to outside the pizza place, where we were waiting for Am-Star’s winggirl, (who was going to join us for food). Suddenly I spotted a super cute 22-year-old Brazilian walk past, and although we’d agreed this was going to be a night off, I couldn’t help but give chase and approach with my rediscovered positive energy. She had been travelling back to her nearby student accommodation. My fun and carefree approach seemed to win her over, and she was happy to join us for pizza. She turned out to be my third daygame lay and we also developed a mini, week-long romance, before she had to fly back to Brazil. Jamie had found his vibe again.

This was the jump-start I needed, and a big turning point in my daygame journey. Soon after this, I was opening far more organically, and I no longer felt dread or fear when heading out for daygame. I was having fun with my game again and treating it less like a gym session. I was even starting to do (and relish doing) entire solo sessions.

I scrapped some of the prescribed methods I’d been adopting from certain YouTube instructors, and I reverted back to doing what had been working for me for years. I began to trust and take more responsibility in my own style and system. I was going back to what had gotten me results during nightgame the years before, discarding the daygame elements which felt incongruent to me: things like the front-stop, the directness, etc.

Right around this time, Todd (now Todd V, after parting ways with RSD), had just released a new product: The System. I gorged on this, and absorbed all the new theory, and infield. I re-incorporated a lot of his teachings into my own game, such as his aloof style, his disqualification techniques, and many of his lines and frames. I then dug out his old products, and spent time revisiting those parts I really identified with, once again incorporating these into my game [5].

I was also really warming to Bradicus‘s carefree and normal-guy style of game. When Am-Star got a SDL one harmless Tuesday evening after work (using Todd- and Bradicus-style methods), I was convinced this was the direction I wanted my game to go in.

August onwards, my daygame experience just kept getting better and better. From that point, I can’t remember a single daygame session where I was downbeat. I finally took 100% ownership, and realised that I didn’t have to change my earlier style much at all in order to meet and attract girls during the day. Another, and probably bigger, realisation I had: vibe management is everything!! My results went from strength to strength for the last few months of the year. I was often venturing out in the evening for dusk-game, practically prowling the streets for sex. I was eagerly-anticipating every session, finding any excuse to go out, usually solo. I was becoming a daygame “degenerate”.

When not solo, I was winging with Mr S, who I’d met later in the year at a Tom Torero meetup. I was really enjoying our sessions together and, although our styles differed, Mr S’s similar desire to learn and improve, along with his positive vibe and attitude, helped inspire me to take even more action. I was back in the game.

Towards the end of the year, it finally felt like I was achieving my goal: to sustainably meet, attract (and have sex with!) girls during the daytime [6].

As always, thanks for reading!


[1] And with a 6, I’m reluctant to add–who had deceived me with old photos. Upon meeting her, I considered aborting the date for all of five seconds…and then my raging horniness prevailed.

[2] This was a great few days of gaming theory from Todd. Two days after the FreeTour, I attended the 10-hr-long $300 Todd Hotseat event at the Hilton Tower Bridge. Wow–such a valuable event: locked in a room, watching raw, unedited infield footage from Todd, who meticulously broke down every step. I scribbled down notes furiously, and turned it into a 12 page pdf doc, which formed the foundations of my style of game, much of what I still employ today.

[3] During these weeks, wings observed and remarked upon my infamous “disdain face”–which I’d fail to conceal when leaving sets where the girl was unavailable. Grumpy Jamie.

[4] I can now put a face to the name of many London daygame bloggers. But I’m still yet to identify the lay machine himself: Mr Roy Walker.

[5] Things like framing myself as the prize, disqualifying a lot, and full two-minute monologues, where I spell out (and encourage) both the desired behaviour I want from her, and the underlying desired frame for our interaction.

[6] Actually, many of my opens towards the end of the year were during those golden hours after sunset, when the interactions seem to take a more sexual undertone.

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+1: Arty Italian Joins Book Club

Less “sweet” and more intense

Friday 21 Dec: I’d been on a high all day following the +1 with the South African au pair the night before. I’d had the best part of three hours sleep before a demanding day at work. But come the afternoon I was still full of energy and craving more adventure. Which was good, because I had a Day 2 planned that evening. So I got out of work, shot back home for a quick shower, and then headed out for the date. I was due to meet an arty Italian girl who I’d opened six days earlier…

The open: back to the previous Saturday

On the Saturday before, I’d been sitting in a small seminar room all day, attending the Tom Torero Dirty Tricks seminar [1]. It was a fun day, and Tom had been on good form. Of the other attendees, I already knew Mr S, “David”, and “Matthew”. I also had the chance to connect with some of the other guys, including GringoDaygame and olderguydaygame. On breaks and during lunch we were all exchanging stories and sharing our journeys. There was good camaraderie.

After the seminar, I travelled across to King’s Cross Train station with David, who I hadn’t winged with before. It was raining outside and my aim was to get a few sets in to “tick the approach box”, before grabbing a pizza and heading home for an early night. I was aiming for about five sets, to keep the momentum going.

I liked winging with David immediately: he was taking action, he wasn’t making excuses, and he seemed serious about the learning process. He was keeping me on my toes. For his third approach, I saw David jump into a difficult and socially awkward set on the upper level of the station overlooking the concourse. He’d seen a tall, hot blonde sitting in a restaurant’s seating area and had pounced. No faffing or waiting around. I watched for a minute and was inspired.

At moments like this, I always feel the need to step up my own game. I was looking around feverishly for opportunities to open. Being Saturday evening there was a lot of foot traffic and I didn’t have to wait long. Walking towards me I saw a five-feet-six brunette, who was unrushed and looking relaxed. She had an arty appearance and was and well put together, wearing a jumper with a girly skirt and tights. I opened her immediately head-on before I had chance to think or weasel. She received me well and appeared stoic and enigmatic. Our eyes held, held, held. A good sign.

Angela was an Italian living in South London, who was on her way to a birthday party. I found out she’s 24, works in marketing, and was obviously well-educated. She wasn’t as fiery as other Italians I’d met in the past, and explained that she was from Milan originally but has been living in London for a long time. Very metropolitan. It was a decent-enough set with a normal amount of teasing and flirting. Towards the 5 minute mark, I did my job and took the number.

Nothing too special over WhatsApp

The Day 2: Friday Evening, six days later

Texting had been straightforward, and she’d agreed to meet me at my Tube station after work. I’ve previously mentioned that I’m hopeless at recognising new faces. Well, I’m even more hopeless when it’s dark. So, come the Day 2 meet, I was walking towards the station to meet her just after 8pm, and even had her on the phone. Locating her should be simple from here, you’d think. I start to walk directly towards a girl who at a distance fits her appearance, has a phone to her ear, and is standing near to the landmark she’s describing. Is that her? Wait, her hair wasn’t that dark, was it?? Shit! It’s a different girl!! Fuck!! Fortunately, before it’s obvious I was walking up to the wrong girl, Angela intercepts me from the right, and taps me on the arm. I react quickly and she doesn’t seem to notice my error, phew. She looks good but she’s dressed up with lots of layers on. Hopefully just because of the outside temperature.

I walk her to Venue One, a “pubby” bar on Angel high street. No serious or risky conversation en route (or generally when travelling between venues). She’s receptive to the light vibing.

At the bar, the older barmaid gives me a knowing smile. I must have brought nearly ten dates here now. However, it’s a different, Mediterranean barmaid who actually serves me. This girl must be new because she thinks I say two “green teas” when I have of course ordered two “G&Ts”. I find this hilarious and it’s a good opportunity to crack a few jokes and get everyone involved. “Hey everyone, look at me! I’m social and fun to be around!” –I may as well be broadcasting. We pay and look for seats. It’s Friday night and the place is full, so the only option is two stools at a tall table.

After sitting, I find out that her mother has flown in from Italy today to visit her…and she’s staying with her in South London! Of course I immediately interpret this to be a bad thing, and wonder about the repercussions for our date. I enquire casually, trying to determine how long I have with Angela, and whether she has to get back to her mother later. She implies she can stay out late-ish. Not a very concrete or useful answer, and I’m still unsure how long I have. So it’s in the back of my mind throughout that I should probably move things forward a little faster today.

When seats open up on a bench, I move us there. She starts to take the seat facing the bench, so I instruct her to move over to the bench, and then I follow in next to her. She shuffles across to keep her distance a bit, but no problem I tell myself. Just give it time.

From here, it’s all very routine for the first venue. Questions game. Eye contact. Story-telling and frame building. However, there’s far less kino (almost nil, in fact) than I’d prefer, but she doesn’t seem fully ready for it yet.

She’s eager to buy a round in return, so I suggest we switch to another pub. I describe the place I have in mind in a very positive light, as well as slipping in that it’s “my second-nearest local pub“. No surprises tonight, I’m thinking. Let’s seed everything way in advance.

At Venue 2: it’s busy and the people next to us are listening in

At the second venue, the conversation takes a more sexual tone, and kino is improving, although it’s only intermittent hand-holding. We’re sat at right angles to each other, where two benches meet. It’s busy and we’re close to the nearest table, who are able to hear most of our conversation. Not ideal, but workable of course.

We’re telling each other tales with sexual themes, and she’s at ease with this. Although we still haven’t fully penetrated (heh) the “we” frame, the underlying interaction is still man-to-woman. The subcommunications, along with the indirect sexual references, are propping this pillar up. She’s told me she doesn’t like PDAs [3], and it’s evident that a kiss or excessive physical escalation would hurt me right now. Nevertheless, looking back now, there still wasn’t enough “togetherness” at this stage of our interaction.

With more kino out of the window, I could’ve (and should’ve) been escalating on the “we”/”us” verbal channel–to increase our narrative and make it all about the two of us. With that being said, in the past I have still pulled and converted in similar situations. But at this stage in the date, the potential lay still felt up in the air and subject to more chance than I’d prefer. I hadn’t properly laid the foundations.

It’s 10.30pm, two-and-a-half hours after we met. In the back of my mind I’m thinking about the mother waiting back at Angela’s flat in South London. I worry that the window of opportunity might close soon. Just before we finish the second drink at the venue, she rejects my vague idea to bounce back to mine, though I’ve worded it rather ambiguously. What makes me laugh is the reason she gives: an explicit reference to not coming to mine to hook up tonight. That’s one good thing; she knew the connotations of going back with me. I’ve obviously heard similar objections many times, with varied outcomes. This time it sounds like it falls in the “it’s-not-just-a-shit-test” category. Maybe it’s down to the lack of solid prep work I’ve done on the “togetherness” frame.

At this point, instead of taking a step back, I for whatever reason decide to go on the front foot. I lightheartedly sidestep the “we’re not hooking up” objection, and then begin to run my mouth, sales style. I ramble on, scramble her RAS, sneak one past the goalie (Karisma King and Todd V terms, respectively), and generally try to bamboozle her. I somehow end up persuading her to come back to mine anyway, under the primary reason that “I want to educate you on some actual good books to read” (she’s really into poetry and reading). Soon we’re grabbing our coats and heading out into the light rain, making the two minute walk back to mine. Quite how I’ve got her to change her mind, I don’t know.

In hindsight, and with the benefit of knowing that she wasn’t super-comfortable at mine after, I’m now certain I misplayed this part. I should have sat back, ordered us another drink, built some stronger foundations, then heated her up before attempting again. She wasn’t fully ready and I was lucky she gave me another chance right away. Time in set should be my ally, and unless she was explicitly telling me she had to go back to her mother, I should’ve just chilled, warmed her up, and waited for a more favourable moment.

Back at mine, and after grabbing wine from the kitchen, we’re in my room and she’s appearing very awkward. I always prefer for the girl to remove her coat and shoes of her own volition. However, Angela’s still got them on and hasn’t picked up on my subtle hints to remove them. She’s also on her feet shuffling about self-consciously. I say to her: “feel free to tread your wet shoes all over my nice wooden floor, why don’t you!” in a teasing way, and she apologises before slipping off the shoes. At this point I decide to grab a coathanger and guide her towards removing the coat too. Job done with the shoes and coat.

There follows a slightly uncomfortable two minutes where she’s visibly umming and ahing about whether or not to have sex with me and I’m trying to distract her forebrain. It later turns out in the post-sex interview that she’s usually less sober in these situations. Again, I think more time spent in the pub, with perhaps more booze too, would’ve smoothed the process. However, the ride is never completely smooth and I’m doing my part by attempting to pattern-interrupt any worrying thoughts she has. I’m casually showing her my books, talking about music, and trying to sidetrack her “I’m a sluuuuuut” forebrain. But nothing too “jerky” from me, though–still playing it cool.

Eventually I hit upon something more sticky (heh). She spots a Hemingway book and seems to relax when asking me about it. She then spots Lolita and tells me it’s one of her favourites. We do a deep dive on Nabokov’s intentions with the novel. I make sure to challenge her views, and she loves it.

A pretty handy book to have lying around in my room for this girl to stumble upon

I find it amusing that Angela seems more at ease following our conversation about a middle-aged man and his love affair with his 12-year-old stepdaughter. Deep rapport and familiarity/unity over any topic can be strong. As we’re sat closer on the bed, I’m stroking her back. She now seems to logically accept that sex is going to happen, even verbalising things like “I’m totally sober. This is a new experience for me“. We kiss a bit, we don’t rush things, and soon after we’re fumbling around on the bed undressing each other. It’s one-way traffic from this point and my second new lay in two days is in the books.

Post sex interview:

  • she’d never had a sober ONS before [3]. Some girls just need booze to override their forebrain and to give them permission.
  • she mentioned that, before coming to the date, she didn’t know exactly what to expect. She seemed to draw a distinction between this date, where she’d met the guy during the day, and an online Tinder date, which she saw as an organised hook-up. Perhaps that’s just her, or perhaps I just didn’t make it clear enough where this one was headed earlier in the interaction. Either way, this is just one data point. Other girls have known exactly where it’s heading.
  • she told me she’s been with around 15 guys in her life. And that they have been a mix of guys at gigs and pubs, friends from her social circle, and online dates. Pretty standard.

This lay capped off a great couple of days for me. I’d managed to squeeze in two sexcessful dates with two very different girls, and just before the Christmas break too. It also rounded off a great first year of approaching girls during the daytime.

As always, thanks for reading. Hopefully lots more to come!


[1] An outer game workshop that TT was filming in the back of the Hippodrome Casino. It’s my understanding that Tom will be releasing it as a product sometime. Some good outer game techniques and lines for a player’s toolkit.

[3] Public Displays of Affection. I generally avoid them anyway though, and prefer for a continued and lengthened build-up of sexual tension.

[3] We’d only had three drinks, and they were only spirit-and-mixers, two of which were singles.

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+1: The Forgotten Girl, Part III

Part I here. And Part II here

Like a young Katy Perry

At the end of Part II, I’d just finished a quick-and-unexpected Day 2 with the 19-yo South African au pair. Quick rundown of events up to that point:

  • I had originally opened her on the Strand at the beginning of December. She was testy, and judged me for being a player.
  • I had since forgotten all about her, and had mistaken her for a different girl when she messaged out of the blue.
  • I was surprised to meet her on the Day 2, expecting the different girl.
  • The Day 2 was only 90-mins long, after which she left for a pre-planned Christmas Carol concert.
  • After that I said that I expected her to be “a pain in the arse over many dates. Or maybe she’s seen enough of me anyway, and is ready to move on herself.”
  • So it was fair to say that expectations weren’t super high for this one.

So then why–on Thursday evening, four days later–was I rushing out of work on time and darting to catch a train from Waterloo to take me to a train station in Zone 6 that I’d never heard of before, just to meet her??

Well it was all to do with a phone call I received from her out of the blue at 23:58 on the Monday earlier in the week (the day after our Day 2).

On Monday evening, I had been doing some tax admin stuff at home. It was getting late. Earlier I’d been messaging with her back-and-forth a couple of times. Closing in on midnight, my phone lit up. I was surprised to see the incoming call symbol alongside her name. Lately I’d been experimenting with sending voice notes, and had been listening to old RSD Todd pre-date phone calls, so I was confident enough with my phone game to answer the call and see where this went.

Me, picking up: “Hey you

Her: “Heyyyyy Jamie hehehe

Me: “You sound so [ comment about the sound of her voice ] over the phone.”

Her: “Hehe. Yeah, some people say that I [ blah blah blah–I can’t remember exact details]”

She sounds very warm. To begin with we vibe, chatting away while I tease her. I briefly tell her about my day, I ask her a couple of light-hearted questions, and I generally keep up a flirty conversation–frequently returning to the theme of “us”. I aim for us to behave like two flirty teenagers [1] at school, who fancy each other and are up all night talking on the phone, while their parents sleep. She sounds like a completely different girl to who I originally met on the Strand three weeks earlier.

A few times she drops information into conversation which strikes me odd, being inconsistent with the general flow. She says that she wants to go ice-skating at Hampton Court, which is very close to her host family’s house. Soon after this, she just happens to drop into conversation that her host family are out of town from Wednesday evening and that she’ll be in a free house all alone, then hinting at me going over. She could be playing games, but from my frame so far, she knows I’m not going to follow her every request like a chode. She also doesn’t have many friends in London, so will likely actually be all alone. Lastly to note: she’s going back to South Africa in one month, and so I assume she won’t be looking for a boyfriend in her remaining time here. There’s also something in her general tone which is more mischievous from the player-judging girl I’d opened three weeks prior. My spidey senses were tingling.

In terms of jumping at the vague invitation, I don’t take the bait. Instead I say that, although it might be cool to visit her there for a bit, I do have a busy week and that it’s kind of far away. Plus I say I still don’t know her that well. Disqualification overdrive. At this point she doesn’t withdraw her half-offer, or deny that she was inviting me. She still seems to want for it to happen, and isn’t rescinding the offer. I give her some glimmer of hope: “But there’s a chance that Thursday miiiiiight work. How about this though: we don’t set anything in stone yet but we speak tomorrow, see how our weeks are looking, and then we make a call then.” I love the game.

The next day, the Tuesday, I forget to follow up [2], and she messages me at 10pm:

Be spontaneous and find a way to meet me at Hampton Court at 5 on Thursday” *Shrug emoji*

Me: “Challenge accepted if we make it 7

I was the girl this time–she led more than I did

So, I broke the player’s rule and let her control the logistics. However, I was still standing and hadn’t been struck down by a lightning bolt sent from the Daygame Gods. With 95% of girls I see, I’d never let this situation happen, even going so far in the past to cancel dates when logistics weren’t obviously in my favour. However, some weird intuition in the back of my mind told me, that given this precise context, going along with her plan was the correct course of action here. Sometimes the girl will tell you how to sleep with her [3], and we gamers are often too set in our rigid ways to realise when this is the case. I desperately hoped that this was one of those occasions.

On arriving at her station at 7pm, we first walk the five minutes back to her host family’s house, where she pours us both a wine. It’s a fancy detached house on an quiet and expensive street, and the entire grounds sprawl over an acre or two. Inside, the rooms are vast and it looks like a lot of money has been dropped on interior design.

As for her, she’s visibly nervous and excited. We’re stood in the kitchen, leaning against opposing countertops. I allow silences to sit, which ramps up the tension. She feels obliged to be a good host and breaks the tension each time. She shows me that she’s pre-booked the ice-skating tickets and has also reserved a table for dinner in a local pub too. It doesn’t appear to be an everyday thing for her. She’s printed out all the tickets already too. Great investment on her part I think. (Although the host father is paying for it, she’s had to arrange it all). I make sure the gesture doesn’t go unrecognised and call out the effort she must have gone to beforehand. She fights the frame saying that if I couldn’t make it she would have gone with someone else anyway. Cute!

With this rendezvous, I’ve now visited three different London au pairs when their host families have been away. This time, I felt like Philip Jennings (the undercover Russian spy) from The Americans when he entered the house of one of the heads of the CIA late at night, having befriended and seduced the teenage daughter, Kimmy. However, back in reality in South West London, the host parents here were not members of an intelligence agency, but had high-flying city jobs.

Philip’s seduction skills were on point in the early seasons of The Americans

At 7.40pm we leave for ice-skating. We arrive, change into skates, and drop her bag in the cloak room. I charm the young guy working at the counter and persuade him to put her bag away for free (just because). There was a time when I shied away from external social interactions/interruptions when in-set. Now I actively seek them (in potentially favourable situations, anyway) and use these opportunities to showcase any hard-earned social skills I may have picked up during my game career 😉 Passive attraction can be powerful.

Ice-skating was a great choice. Whereas she’s only just competent enough to stand up on the ice and gingerly inch her way across, I’m gliding around effortlessly and taking the teacher/expert role. (I used to ice-skate week-in, week-out when I was 11 to 14, and then roller-blade from 16 to 17; thankfully I still remember a trick or two). We do some laps, I prank around, and we stop and chat. Rinse and repeat. Throughout this we hold hands a little, but I make sure to disengage before it’s too lovey-dovey, or too predictable. We pick up the questions game from the Day 2, but I kick it up a gear in intimacy. We’re soon settling into the usual question game topics–kissing, masturbation, losing virginity, public sex, and so on. It turns out that she’s had only two sexual partners so far in life, but has had sex an estimated 150 times. Those sound like good numbers to me.

45 minutes later and the skating session has finished. When unlacing the boots, she attempts a jealousy plotline: to flirt with a similar-aged (to her, that is!) boy sat next to her on the bench. He has no social skills and is visibly petrified, probably because he’s a horny teenager and she’s hot. Even though she perseveres, it backfires. He ends up blanking her and turning away, and I give her a knowing nod and a chuckle.

After skating we arrive at the gastropub she’s booked for dinner. Compared to my usual dates at the local dive bar/pub, this is now getting quite excessive! It’s quite fancy, and although the other patrons are old, I continue to play around and tease. I don’t like dining with a girl, but since she was fairly naïve and new to dating, and also prepared to invest by arranging the booking, I was fine making an exception. I felt like this was all a new, exciting experience for her. The implications of dining with a 26 year old city girl would have been very different. We split the bill and head back to the house.

Back at the house she changes into pyjama bottoms in front of me. I ignore. We’re in the kitchen and she says she doesn’t want to drink any more (she only had half a glass of wine at dinner), which I take to be a bad sign.

We’re standing in the kitchen once again, and when the conversation goes sexual I turn up the physicality dial. She’s no angel and is actively engaging. We’re allowing our lips to come oh-so-close to one-another’s without actually touching, and I’m doing the usual heaving breathing and light neck kissing/biting. However, after two minutes of this, I’m the first one to commit to an actual kiss attempt, which unfortunately gives her the opportunity to reject me. She pulls her head away with a knowing smile. Fuck!! I was patient but not patient enough! I should’ve had her begging for it first.

She takes a step back and says “I’m sorry“. She smiles with a small look of delight and takes a breath in. It looks like she’s about to continue talking. Fuck! The pity talk is about to begin! Abort!! Abort!! The pity talk is every seducer’s kryptonite. It explicitly puts her in the position of power: it implies you’re a weak predictable man, and that her SMV is leagues higher than yours. Never listen to, acknowledge, or let her finish the pity talk. I try the pattern-interrupt:

Woah woah I just wanted to tell you a secret. I can’t believe I let you use your feminine wily charms there. Stop seducing me

She re-starts, whilst smiling with what appears to be validation and enjoyment: “Look, I’ve recently come out of a relationship and whilst you’re really good at what you do–I haven’t ever felt goosebumps all over my body like that before–I just don’t think I can right now.”

I try the pattern interrupt again, but it’s fruitless. Now she’s moved and sat down the other side of the kitchen table too, introducing a physical gulf between us. I continue standing, and don’t close in, to avoid appearing needy or chasing.

She’s smiling throughout, and whilst not being the biggest tease I’ve ever encountered, she is definitely enjoying her moment. Whilst smiling a big grin she starts to say “But we can be friends if you want” She starts to say “I’m sorry” again with the look of mock-pity, whilst smiling. I have to take action. I jump in:

“Look, I’m the one who should be sorry. You’re a cool girl and all and I really like the connection we’ve had so far. But you know I have options, right? And yet at the same time I’m very selective. I don’t just go for any girl–as I hope is the case for you with boys. Obviously for me there has to be physical attraction. And on top of that there also have to be other things like good humour, intelligence, original thinking, etc. But that’s kind of a given if I’ve got this far with a girl. With every girl I see again and again, we’ve had to have that deep connection, where we don’t hold back for anything or anyone in the world. And at the moment I just can’t see you being that girl for me. I’ll wish you well and of course say hi if I bump into you on the street, but it would be a waste of my time to see you when I have other girls around who are actually on the same wavelength as me, and who give themselves to me fully. So with you I just don’t think I would see you again after you put the brakes on. Plus I have lots of friends already. I’d obviously wish you well though, we just wouldn’t ever see each other again.”

She looks up at me, down and then starts to look at her phone, casually typing something. She doesn’t appear upset or perturbed. I go to sit at the table, but choose the chair rather than the bench and slide it further away from her, like hot girls have sometimes done to me by default. “Why are you sitting so far away?” she says. “Oh am I? Didn’t realise” I say. I’m still cool, calm and collected. Today my emotional control is better than it has ever been before in this situation [4]. I’ve definitely given away my true results-dependent feelings at crunch points like this before.

Then she looks at the phone. I look up at the clock. It’s around 11.30pm–the time of the last train from her stop.

Her: “How would you get back though? It says here it will take one-and-a-half hours.”

Me: “Oh shit, it’s that late?? Well I’d rather not travel for one-and-a-half hours now if I can. Or spend £50 getting an Uber… So–and this is only if you’re cool with it because if you want me to go I can–I could stay here and jump on the easier train into work in the morning.”

Smile from her. Then, chirpily: “Yeah that’s fine. And you can share my bed. Or if you’d prefer you can sleep in [kid’s name’s] room? And do you have something to wear other than jeans, because I don’t want jeans in my bed

Wow! Talk about a change in apparent fortunes. It’s gone from game over to back-in-the-game just like that. I’m confused but I’m assuming that it’s all good again and that I just have to go along with the flow. There’s a look in her eyes that says she’s still feeling sexual. Also, the wry grins that had accompanied her objections so far are definitely a good sign. So many emotional back-and-forths from her. Female caprices, pfft! Or maybe it was all a calculated game on her part. Maybe she’s playing me at a whole other level. Maybe she’s the master seducer…

We go upstairs, separately brush our teeth, and pee. Before I remove my jeans, I get her to verbally and logically realise that the contours of my crotch will be very visible, and are you ok with that? She’s fine, she says. I’ve been getting more logical decisions and acknowledgements from girls recently. Working your way up a compliance ladder (to bigger requests) is aided by both emotional- and logical- buy-in.

She suggests watching a movie on the iPad in bed. As she’s in the bathroom removing her make-up, I’m lying in bed searching furiously through Netflix films on the tablet. I’m attempting to find a movie that frames sex as being fun, exciting and quotidian. But unfortunately, because I want to appear decisive, I hurriedly select the only hooking-up rom-com where one woman gets accidentally pregnant. Hopefully she’ll overlook that pregnancy part…

Don’t watch

She comes back and we begin the movie. Under the bedcovers we’re laying on our sides and she’s reversing her ass into my crutch and wriggling. Pyjamas are still on though. We’re initially awake under the pretext of watching the movie, but soon we’re just talking over it anyway and continuing the questions game. The questions get more sexual and she can also feel me pressing up against her. When she answers a question about porn, I discover she’s really into taboo porn. And that she also likes the step-sister/step-brother porn. I make a note and two minutes later I’m loosely using this in my final seduction.

After more neck-biting from me, and grinding from her, I roll her over and position myself over her with my thigh rubbing between her legs. We’re finally kissing too, and she’s really letting go now. I’m breathing heavily into her ear. And whispering. I’m saying things to her like: “as friends, we really shouldn’t do this. But it does feel kinda good, doesn’t it“. Her: “Mm-hmm.”

Soon my fingers are inside her. I’ve reached around from behind, under her yoga-pant pyjama bottoms, and discovered that she’s dripping wet. She acknowledges just how turned on and wet she’s been as I slowly slip two fingers inside her pussy.

From there, the clothes fully come off and it’s never in doubt. I enter her, and we settle into a slow, sensual rhythm. I’m so turned on by her hot, nubile, young body that I have to practise some Mantak Chia-style breathing exercises and self-restraint, in order not to explode early on. Her waist-to-hip ratio is perfect and her pussy is just the right amount of tight. Her breasts are slightly undersized in proportion to her curvaceous ass, but I’m still adoring this fine specimen of a female. After the early near-explosion scare, I’m back out of the red-zone and we’re having some amazing sex.

Lays like this I’ll remember all my life. The girl was in her sexual prime. There were surprises from the start. And mistakes made from the start! There were multiple dates, spread over multiple locations. There were junctures where I went “off-piste” and didn’t follow what is written in the PUA handbook. There was a strong narrative in both our heads. And it seemed the final result wasn’t decided until the very end. It sure was a fun one.

Thanks for reading.


Bonus: Info gleaned from post-sex interview and other misc details:

  • she’d had 2 lays before me, including one LTR
  • the parents of the host family sleep in separate bedrooms and the relationship is very stale: they rarely talk to one another, let alone are intimate together. The mother is a finance director in the city; the father runs his own international business. They have three kids.
  • the father often sits with the girl late at night at the kitchen table, chatting away with her for two hours plus. She must drive him crazy, and leave him very sexually-frustrated. She says that the host mother is very cold towards her–I’m not surprised!

[1] Actually, one of us is a teenager.

[2] A bad memory can be a great tool for appearing abundant and aloof. That, or it might just lose you the girl!

[3] But not in so many words.

[4] Maybe because of my recent abundance I did actually mean most of what I was saying here, and so I didn’t need to worry about a mask slipping off, which would normally reveal butthurt emotions.

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